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What is a Sensitive Badass?

"A Sensitive Badass is a sensitive woman who OWNS her power. She understands her magical gift and knows how to work with it so it works FOR her. She is unapologetic about her deep feelings and getting her needs met. She knows she has a gift and she honors and respects that gift by caring for it diligently. She is empowered by her sensitivity and is using her superpower to make a positive mark in this world." ~ Amber Hargett


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The Sensitive Badass Digital Course with Amber (Value $99) 

The Sensitive Badass Digital Course with Amber (Value $99) 

One hour private intutive healing session with Jess (Value $250) 

One hour private intutive healing session with Jess (Value $250) 


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About: Jessica Valor is an Oracle, Medium, Healer, Spiritual Coach and Intutive Leadership Mentor. Jessica supports individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations in connecting to their inner wisdom and higher levels of awareness in order to help them craft their uniquely inspired life and leadership roles. She is forward thinking and empowers you to strengthen your authenticity, personal power and connect to your intuition. She is dedicated to your personal growth, self-love and success for manifesting your desires and fulfilling your purpose. 

Hear from some of the Alumni! 

“It’s like magic really. I love how Jess took something complex and made it simple. Learning how to connect with and talk to angels and to higher realms is priceless. Before, I felt like a victim and now I feel empowered and I feel like a healer.” ~ Tracy Wild (Transformation Coach & Yoga Teacher)

“I feel more confident in my gifts, my channel in more open and the next level of knowledge is powerful.
I have brought some of these new skills into my sessions, therefore serving my clients at a higher level.
I feel I also got confirmation of my gifts which has me connect deeper in my own meditation without question. I have always had the access, but I feel there has been a deeper/higher access to other realms that come in during my sessions.
I loved the channeled meditations and printouts you provided as I have used them in session with my clients as well.”
“You are fabulous! Thank you for your commitment to healing the world.”
~ Elyse Falzone (Intuitive Healer) 

It helped me recognize a lot of my own blocks, which helped me to grow more spiritually (and as a person). I finally felt "un-stuck" ~ Anonymous

It has helped me tremendously in learning to manifest what I want. I know all things that I manifest will come to light. I am not looking to go into a personal business but I am bringing love and light to my work.
I cannot believe how much Jessica has helped me in my personal life. I have so much belief in the Ascended Healers and Gods. I know that I can call upon them for whatever I need to either ask for help or to just be grateful for the life I have.
I am so grateful for Jessica and this course as I am learning to live a life I want and need. This is why I signed up for her VIP - 1-1 Coaching in 2017 and 2018.
The materials that you provided were AMAZING and the fact that I can go back to them for life is priceless!
I love you Jessica and you are invaluable to me and Jacob. We look forward to working with you for a very long time! ~ Cathy

I have learned better protection rituals and the healing reaches deeper levels much faster. I am able to offer more ascended levels of healing to my clients and I'm able to better blend all of my services - healing, readings, and coaching. I've strengthened my rituals and gotten clearer about my purpose and my commitment to alignment.”
“I'm a Reiki master teacher and the ascended healing blends beautifully with my Reiki practice. The healing is enhanced by working with the Ascended Masters and Archangels and my clients love to hear about who is showing up to support them.”
“Very clear direction and support on how to create and maintain sacred space. I've been a student of many different healers and styles of healing and this was by far the best discussion on this topic. Provided tools that I could immediately make my own and put into practice. I have returned to this module frequently.”
“The guided journey to the Akashic Records was powerful. One of the highlights for me. I really love that you have shared scripts for all of the journeys that we can use for ourselves and our clients.”
“The guided meditation was very powerful, I had an amazing experience. The discussion on Trust always resonates with me.”
~ Robin Eaton (Intuitive Healer, teacher and Soul Centered Life Coach) 

"It has given me clarity on what I want to be doing with my business and life. I have a model for some "structure" that my business and my offerings lacked.
I'm more clear on what works for me in my spiritual practice and what does not.
I've been really in my head in my sessions with my clients. Now I pay more attention to connecting to my energy and that of my clients." ~ Jessica Ireland (Spiritual Teacher & Healer)

I believe it has given me a confidence in exploring the knowledge. I take my ability to heal more seriously because I see it is real. ~ Namibia

"Digestible and great background information as well as homework. Got me really excited to start the journey. The visuals are incredible, and dreamy and inspiring. It's obvious that time and love and expertise was poured into its creation.
Spiritual Guidance: loved this roadmap and the specific questions for ourselves and working with other people. I will reference this a lot in the future." ~ ALexandra

" I have incorporated the ascension and new earth - embody your divinity guided meditation into my regular spiritual practice. (Almost daily) I now always call in AA Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel to seal my space in the highest vibration of love and light. And set the intention that AA Michaels vortex be open and drawing up any lower energies that are present or being released, transmuting them into the highest vibration it Love and light in all time, space and dimension when doing any healing, or card reading. I Am noticing my clairvoyance is expanding; seeing more angel lights/energy swirling.
I feel it is more powerful when I call upon a team of Ascended Masters and Angels to assist me in a healing session." ~ Alli Nelson (Intuitive Healer & Yoga Teacher)


"Jessica Valor is truly one of the greats and is an impeccable channel. I trust her guidance of the high truth and compassion specifically for my own readings as a medium myself. If you're looking for authentic guidance and sense of purpose & direction, I endlessly recommend working with Jessica." ~ Emily Aube~ Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Coach, Author, Speaker & Writer
"Jessica radiates with loving clairvoyance. Her approach to healing is ambitious, committed and empowering. She carries herself in such a raw, passionate manner that you immediately become energized in her presence. She is a beautiful, loving conduit for the divine energy. Whatever guidance you are seeking, look no further.  ~ Heather Regan ~ Soul Centered Psychotherapist

I have been working with Jessica Valor for the past several months for business and personal life support. She is such a gift! Jessica has a very loving and healing presence and is able to help me move through blocks that I have had my whole life. After having healings with Jess, my energy and life has completely shifted and I now am able to be more joyful and abundant. My business is growing, my love life is blossoming, and I am now able to manifest with greater ease. I cannot believe what a huge shift I have had in only a few months since working with Jess. She is incredibly intuitive, attuned, and loving. I get so much out of my work with her, and cannot recommend her enough! 
~ Nicole Ford ~ Psychotherapist & Soul Coach

I have worked with a ton of coaches, mentors and professionals on my journey and Jessica Valor is the real deal! I am amazed at her gifts and talents and her ability to tune into a higher source and use that information to help and serve her clients is first class.But what I most admire about Jessica is her heart. Her genuine heartfelt caring and compassion for her clients. If there is an area of your life where you feel "stuck" and your looking for some guidance I highly recommend Jessica.  ~ Joe Amoia ~ Relationship Coach at GPS for Love