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  Guidance/Mentoring, Readings, Healing   & Bodywork  $997 (50 % Off for locals)

Guidance/Mentoring, Readings, Healing & Bodywork $997 (50 % Off for locals)

  Let's create a space for your home or office  that expresses your true magic. $222 (50% off intro offer)

Let's create a space for your home or office that expresses your true magic. $222 (50% off intro offer)

  Coaching & Business Consulting  - Complimentary Consultation

Coaching & Business Consulting - Complimentary Consultation

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New Client Intro Exclusive

 Two HOUR Customized Session!

Clarity, Confidence, Healing

Release stuck energy, manifest your desires & Activate your Abundance.

Tune up to tune in.

* you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule your session.


6 session customized Wellness package

 Energy Healing & Intuitive Guidance

Relax. unwind. feel amazing

Are you seeking clarity in an area of your life where you feel stuck, with a relationship, health, purpose/career or goal?

Do you have a challenging situation where you need direction and a clear strategy?

Are you seeking to tap into your intuition and share your gifts? 

Are you looking to understand and elevate your life purpose?

 We will work with your Angels, Higher Self and loving guides drawing Divine Guidance to  empower you along your life journey. Learn how to connect and receive messages so you may Thrive and eliminate any blind spots in your way! 

This process works with mind, body and spirit - releasing blocks, stale belief systems, stress and anxiety. Energy Healing clears any "stuck" energy in the body and raises your vibration, attracting what you truly desire. Ascended healing is my advanced method offering efficient and long lasting results. 

I work with your soul's unique blueprint to clear any energetic patterns or cords that are causing issues or discomfort in your life. I share with you what I see through Channeled visions and messages to bring you a deepened awareness of healing, empowerment and connection to your own Intuition & Divine Wisdom. In addition, we will work with activating (your quantum energy) to support all parts of your being in Oneness and on a cellular level.

(Includes a mix of guidance and healing so you receive an array of support)

Tap into the power of your own unique energy, vibration & soul blueprint.

Only $997 (over 50% off

This package offers a nice alternative to my VIP packages. 

(must be used within 3 months of purchase)

Sacred Space Intuitive Session

What if your home or business space was a source of inspiration, peace and prosperity?

Do you struggle to find time to feel organized and be in the flow of life? 

Do you want to create a sacred space and have no idea how or simply want support for the process?  

Do you scroll Pinterest and love all the ideas but have no idea how to pull it all together? 

Do you envy the images you see online with those perfectly designed spaces? 

Could clutter be holding you back from what you really want in life or business? 

You deserve to enjoy a High Vibe space that keeps you feeling connected and aligned. 

Let's create a space you adore that expresses your true magic where you always feel inspired, happy and free. $222 (50% off intro offer)

See all you get and schedule your In home or virtual session here: www.jessicavalor.com/sacredspacedesign