VIP Day & 1-1 support OR Business Mastermind

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I added the option to apply for a VIP Day and 1-1, same process and button!

During your consultation, I will tune in and listen to the where you are now and where you want to be to determine a strategy and how I can best support you to get there. Apply below!

Achieve more with a mentor in your corner

you were never meant to do this alone

OPTIONS: VIP Day, 1-1 OR A Mastermind 6 month Intensive

 Welcome Boss Ladies, to THE 1-1 support and mastermind that offers you ALL things you need to create impact, income and visibility for your amazing business and brand.

Together, we will develop a customized strategy for your success.

Want to know the fastest way to achieve your version of success with clients you love and the abundant lifestyle you desire?  >>> It’s having a mentor and mastermind for feedback, support and accountability with strategies + integration plan that is customized for you.


You are likely here because you want to do what you love, increase your income and create a positive impact with your brand and business.

I am here because I love supporting female entrepreneurs to create income and impact while leading a life they love. Why? Because we are the change.

So if this sounds like you, then we are a match made in Heaven.

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Meet Your Mentor

Jessica Valor (master Intuitive & Energy Healer + Biz Strategist)

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 Master Your Mindset

 Build Your Brand

 Increase Income and Impact

 Imagine, looking at your self in the mirror and thinking "I did it, it all worked out."AND you stand in celebration that this was the year you crushed goals. You are gifted, powerful and beautiful and I have your back to support your rising in life and business. 

I will help you achieve these moments of celebration by holding Space as you take bold - brave action to realize your dreams.

I Am Invested In Your Success which is why mentoring with me works. I care about you and your dreams!

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“Jessica Valor is my go-to Goddess when it comes to teaching people how to grow a conscious based business. She's a master at helping you tap into your gifts and use them to your best abilities. Her coaching and courses will bring you to the level of alignment that you need to be at so your business brand and life can thrive.” ~ Kimra Luna - Branding and Business Expert, Self Made Multi Millionaire and Featured in Forbes

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THIS IS FOR but not limited to…


Service + Product based businesses are welcome!

Creatives, Artists, Speakers

Social media experts

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Coaches, Attorneys, Therapists


Areas of Focus but not limited to... 

There are many moving pieces in your business and what is unique to my mentoring and this mastermind is we focus on where you are and what you need now to gain momentum for each step towards your goals.

build a brand that Converts -laser feedback and strategy for your messaging and image

  • position and package your offerings and develop a campaign

  • Successfully launch Your offer (course, program or product, go fund me, podcast, etc.)

  • gain soul mate clients - learn how to effectively reach your target market

  • save time, money and energy -resources and 1-1 support all in place (this is not a course-it is Real consulting!)

  • Sales process and on-boarding/funnel to convert and follow up for Client Experience

  • Finances Create an income action plan based on your goals to hit 2k, 5k, 20k months. lets get you there Strategically.(tracking revenue, profit, expenses)

  • Messaging & Storytelling - Learn how to leverage your stories to connect with your Audience and ideal clients

  • Master your mindset & align with your True purpose/vision

  • create a visibility strategy for your offerings (MEDIA! show, services, products, Podcast, Videos, etc.)

  • be organized, create a custom system & sales funnel  to build a strong foundation (more time + more $)

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Workshops through year

Value - Priceless -> For Real, Ya’ll this is GOLD!

These are bonuses you receive as a mastermind member. These are classes and come with resources. We will have additional meetings on zoom for these workshops to dive into each focus for Live Q&A.

  • Content Creation Strategy + System to Stay Organized and in front of your audience

  • Key Note Speech Framework and Styling

  • Legal Love- make sure you are covered

  • Storytelling & Marketing Strategies to convert clients

  • create a visibility strategy for your offerings (MEDIA! show, services, products, Podcast, Videos, etc.)

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VIP Day 1-1

  • Create a solid strategy and implementation plan to hit your goals.

    • What we accomplish is customized to your specific goals and we will create that roadmap in your consultation so you have a clear proposal of what we will complete on this day together.

  • Six hour full day deep dive into all aspects of your business.

  • One follow up 60 minute call within 2 weeks after VIP Day.

    • Pay in Full Only $1100 (must be paid before the VIP Day to book)

    • I am offering this over 50% off my normal rate of $3500 because I support local boss ladies!

  • Location: My indoor rooftop in Buckhead



Apply above and you will receive a complimentary consultation where you will decide which level is best for you.

  • LEVEL 1: 6 Month Mastermind + 6 1-1 Sessions

    • This includes six 3 hour group intensive mastermind sessions + six monthly 1-1 sessions (50 minutes each on zoom)

      • Pay in Full $1750

      • Payment Plan $350 for six monthly payments


    • This includes six 3 hour group intensive mastermind sessions + 1 kick off 1-1 strategy session

      • Pay in Full $1000

      • Payment Plan $197 for six monthly payments

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Details of Mastermind + What you receive

  • Three Hour LIVE Group Intensive & Hot Seat  – Every month in Buckhead. This will be a recurring meeting and the date will be chosen by consensus of the members. I am looking at the first Tuesday of the month.

    • There will be 2 sessions offered each month with the same members. (6 in morning and 6 in afternoon)

    • Morning for 3 hours from 9-11 am and afternoon from 1- 4 pm. Each group will have no more than 6 members present.

    • Each member will receive 20 minutes in hot seat. This allows us an additional hour of time to dive into exactly what is showing up as a whole and for each individual.

    • I offer resources based on your questions and focus so you can easily integrate what you need when you need it.

  • 1-1 Sessions depending on the level you choose but everyone gets ONE session with me to dive into your goals.

  • Private FB group Weekly Office hours for your business questions, laser coaching and feedback, mindset check ins, support & celebrate your wins. This is so you have support in between our group sessions.)

  • Business Template+ Resource Library with standard business templates such as a coaching agreement, business concept plan, and joint venture agreement.

  • 50 % Discount on 1-1 Sessions and VIP DAYS for additional mentoring requested. This is by application/conversation because when you start growing you may want more 1-1 help.

  • Accountability (group support and organizing tools) 

  • Develop your Business Portfolio(Layout and worksheets provided for you everything from budgeting to, Sacred Why, Branding, Strategy, Funnel, Your journey and so much more..(templates provide for you

  • Upgrade your energy and your business to the highest level

Respectfully, there are no refunds as this is a commitment on your end and mine. Everyone receives a complimentary consultation to ensure it is a YES for you before you join.

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 Jessica Valor is an inspirational speaker, author, business strategist, healer and mentor who delivers her programs to thousands of women, men and entrepreneurs every year on the topics of conscious leadership, Branding, intuitive intelligence and personal development. Jessica is a clear and powerful conduit for High-level Spirits.

I help you elevate by catching the blind spots to avoid obstacles. I help you solve problems before they start by charting a clear course. 

I KNOW what resources you need to take everything to the next level to build a strong brand and business. 

I have successfully launched 5 online programs (multi six figures), a best selling co-author, keynote speaker and have served thousands of clients helping them meet their personal and professional goals.

I have invested $500,000 working with leading industry experts in the fields of business, spirituality, branding, strategy, sales/marketing, finance, speaking, publishing and TV/Media. So when you work with me, you receive all of my learned processes and experiences.

Prior to growing my current business, I was the VP of a medical company I grew from less than $75,000 a year to almost $4 Million in annual revenues in 6 short years. 

In Your Business: I can help you build a strong brand, share your stories (book, speeches, social media, grow online and locally, etc.) and get your entire business organized with strategies, packages and a plan of action to hit multiple six figures and beyond.

My superpowers are mindset, branding, storytelling for marketing (for any platform) and speech styling, building frameworks and strategies that accelerate your growth, planning and productivity and I am a plethora of plug + play resources to save you time, energy and money so you can do what you love and serve your clients with a solid and strategic brand.

I have your back to get the trusted results you want and turn-key support you need. 

On a personal note, I was able to survive, heal and rise from a painful past, overcame a lifetime of trauma and NOW I am in LOVE with my life and make GREAT money doing what I enjoy with amazing clients and can help you do the same. Plus, we will have lots of FUN!

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Watch This Video To Tune Into The Successes Of A Few Of My Amazing Clients And Our Work Together.


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CLIENT Success Stories

Read More Here:


Jessica is a rockstar at her work. She never holds back, is willing to get in the thick of it to support and she holds incredible space and illuminated light to all who work with her. I love her passion and intensity and she is the ultimate cheerleader for my work and her clients work as well. ~ Elyse Falzone ~ Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach (2018 and 2019 Mastermind Member)


"In one month- opened my doors to my own unique spiritual business, claimed my me-ness, and began implementing real action steps! I now have 8 clients and expanding!

I built a website, an email list, and started a newsletter. Created a successful monthly networking group for other healing professionals and resolved self doubt issues around stepping into my power as a change maker and Light leader in my community, owning my true self in my work, life, and biz.

Plus, my relationship is in a great place to boot partly due to me honoring my true self needs and growing up into a mature woman who trusts her intuition and believes in herself.” ~ Natalie Foster of True Self institute and 2018 Mastermind Member

BUSINESS: Working with Jessica allows me to deeply trust my intuition, experience soulful relationships with myself and others and strategize my why. She offers a flawless support system with a highly customized tool box of resources full of love, spiritual guidance, and real-life business strategies to get you where you want to be. She has helped me craft my keynote speech, a 10 minute style version, speaker reel and page and one sheet to get booked as a speaker. ~ Sandra Rocourt ~ Speaker, Author and Coach

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“Jess is one of the hardest working humans I know! She is wonderfully organized and very intelligent. If you have never had someone hold space for you, Jess is the epitome. Open your heart and be ready to be overwhelmed by love.” ~ Anjanette Conway ~ Spiritual Life Coach


Working with Jessica has been transformative. I have had the privilege to work with Jessica personally and professionally with her healing sessions and business mastermind. The changes I have noticed in both areas of my life have opened up exponentially from personal healing to new business growth. Jessica has a true gift to give to others. ~ Kathryn Vigness ~ Author and Life Coach

“I deeply appreciate the energy and confidence that Jessica brings to every interaction we've had in healings, readings, and business coaching. She pushes me to get behind myself and trust in my own greatness. Jessica is excellent at holding me accountable and honoring my process. Her genuine care and insights are empowering and have helped me trust in my ability to create my business and step into and be the healer that I have come here to be. Sincerely grateful and blessed to be working with such an incredible woman who gives her all for each and everyone of us.” ~ Sarah Crawford ~ Transformational Life Coach (2018 + 2019 Mastermind Member)