Chakra Healing Meditation & Guide

chakra healing Guide with oils, crystals, mantras and A healing meditation to support you so you can stay in alignment with your purpose and desires.

Open your energy to more money, magic and miracles. 

This Guided Chakra Healing supports you to cleanse, open, strengthen and expand your chakras. Know that through this healing you will also be activating your cellular and etheric bodies to align, heal and attune in a Divine synergy.

You will be emailed your Chakra Healing download same day of purchase! 

Within the guidebook you will find... 

  • A resource guide for oils and crystals
  • How to set up your Chakra Healing
  • Main Chakra Center Guide - including divine words, purpose, color, oils and gemstones for each chakra
  • Mantras& prayers to cleanse, attune, open and align each chakra(with Angels and Ascended Masters)
  • Chakra Healing Guided Meditation
    • (download to listen anytime)
  • Journaling pages for you to write your intentions, what you're releasing and what you're manifesting

Feel free to use this chakra healing and attunement once a week or as needed. I find it to be a beautiful Sunday evening ritual to set the tone for the week. This is a staple in my life and I am so thrilled to share it with you!