You are not alone in this ~ Mumford & Sons 

You are here for a reason. 
You have a beauitfuil, inspired life to lead, dreams to make true, even more love to call in and purpose to fulfill. 
I will help you get everything you want in your life & soul focused business and show you how to stay confident and aligned. 
I combine coaching, healing, channeling with Spirit(Angels and High Realms), real life tools and a strategy for your ultimate success. 
Together we will release your fears & traumas, and turn all past pain into your personal power to enjoy your life fully and live in your soul's purpose. 

I know what it takes to move from a life of survival and chaos to one filled with love, purpose and joy.

Are you ready to heal your past, release fears and own your power? 

Are you ready to be the MUSE of your own life? 

I am ready to help you! I have two options below available >> Group and Private 1:1. 

Is transformational coaching & Healing  for you? 

TRUTH: You are a brilliant, intuitive being and a Sacred Soul-the world needs your light!

TRUTH: You are in control of what you attract into your life. Your energy is everything! 

TRUTH: You are a natural born leader and miracles are your birthright! 

TRUTH: We all need support, direction, resources and validation. Every single one of us.

TRUTH: You are limitless! You have unlimited potential and power! 

Are you ready to surrender all resistance once and for all and be happy? 

Are you ready to create balance and live with ease & alignment? 

Are you ready to ignite your passions and fulfill your purpose?

Are you ready to tap into your intuition and bring forward your unique gifts? 

Are You Ready To Strengthen Your Intuition & Be Inspired?

I will help you own your Divine truth & Power! 

Live with Ease, Alignment & Divine Magic. 

I have been working with Jessica Valor for the past several months for business and personal life support. She is such a gift! Jessica has a very loving and healing presence and is able to help me move through blocks that I have had my whole life. After having healings with Jess, my energy and life has completely shifted and I now am able to be more joyful and abundant. My business is growing, my love life is blossoming, and I am now able to manifest with greater ease. I cannot believe what a huge shift I have had in only a few months since working with Jess. She is incredibly intuitive, attuned, and loving. I get so much out of my work with her, and cannot recommend her enough! ~ Nicole Ford ~ Psychotherapist & Soul Coach

I have worked with a ton of coaches, mentors and professionals on my journey and Jessica Valor is the real deal! I am amazed at her gifts and talents and her ability to tune into a higher source and use that information to help and serve her clients is first class.But what I most admire about Jessica is her heart. Her genuine heartfelt caring and compassion for her clients. If there is an area of your life where you feel "stuck" and your looking for some guidance I highly recommend Jessica.  ~ Joe Amoia ~ Relationship Coach at GPS for Love

Learn the simple steps to setting up your day to feel aligned, happy & inspired!

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