Do you desire to strengthen your intuition so you have a clear knowing of what messages are coming from your Authentic Self as Truth, and which are just noise from the outside world?

Do you wish to elevate your Divine Purpose - your WHY for choosing to live at this time?

Do you spend most of your time in a high-vibe state, with joy and happiness flowing through your life, or are you stuck in suffering, ready to release the blocks in your way, but aren't sure how?

Are you ready to discover and embody your Divine Truths and Inner Wisdom so that you can live your ultimate life?

If the questions above are resonating with you, it's time for you to rise and be the LightLeader you came here to be. Healing your mind, body and spirit requires a release of "stuck" energy and blocks that are in the way of you living the life you desire.

Together, we'll uncover what is holding you back. It is time to release all struggling and suffering for good. You deserve the life you dream of.

On our discovery call, we’ll uncover the stuck energy and blocks that are holding you back, and the best plan of action for you to begin releasing those blocks immediately.

I understand that the path is different for each of us. It is my passion to help you listen to your inner voice (intuition) and wisdom, so that you are empowered to take control of your life purpose.
— Jessica Valor

I offer a multifaceted intuitive coaching style to invite clarity into your life or business, providing a safe, nurturing and loving environment in which you may achieve your goals and greatest desires. 

When we combine powerful resources and a deep connection with our true self, we are able to heal, evolve and thrive. Through my clairvoyant gifts and knowledge, I will support, guide and empower your Divine Plan and shine light for your awakenings, ascension and awareness. You will gain new and fresh perspectives for manifesting your desires. I am here to support you on your entire journey in life.

Below are some of the areas we can explore together; however, during our discovery call we will discuss the best plan of action for you.


  • Discover & Embody Your Divine Truths & Inner Wisdom 
  • Build Your Self-Worth & Confidence
  • Discover & Define Your Purpose
  • Understand and Express Your Authenticity & Unique Genius
  • Release all Struggle & Suffering 
  • Learn to Embrace Your Ego & Befriend Your Fears
  • Be an Empowered Entrepreneur
  • Connect With Your Highest Self
  • Develop Strategies For Your Life & Career Goals
  • Discover & Understand Your Soul Blueprint
  • Expand Your Joy and Love
  • Believe in Your Magic!