EssencE Retreat with Jessica Valor

Divine Truth lives within you ~ allow yourself the space to unlock your power. 

This Retreat is For...Mystics, creatives, soul searchers, entrepreneurs, and beautiful souls feeling the call to lovingly deepen their connection with the Divine and embrace their message.

 explore the Art of Alchemy and Embody your divine expression

Private Retreat ~ Tulum, Mexico


Limited Space for an Intimate Experience

5 nights at a fabulous boutique resort  

welcome to essence

Join intuitive mentor, spirtual coach, medium and healer Jessica Valor at one of the most beautiful places on Earth for a week of  Alchemy to embody your essence. Every morning we will connect in meditation and Art of Alchemy exercises, and every evening we will participate in Ascended Healing and self love rituals to help you embody your Highest expression. 

This retreat is focused on the Art of Alchemy because you have a story, message and Divine Expression that must be celebrated and shared with the world. When you connect with your Essence - magic happens and an inner alchemy occurs that transcends your magnificence and aligns your soverngty.

You will discover how to open your heart and express your essence with confidence, grace and style.  

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Align      Ascend       Receive

Your retreat is a Divine recipe of love, magic and powerful Soul Alchemy.

Essence is a sacred space where you will connect with your message, story and Divine expression to create impact in the world.  

A place where you have permission to relax, expand and create alignment with your vision. 

A magical container for you to fully attune your energy at one of the most powerful vortexes in the world. 

Let’s align your heart energy with your level of leadership. This is a space for women, sisterhood and Divine goddesses who want to connect with your essence and ground your intentions with focus and pure clarity. 

You will let go and heal doubts and fears that have held you back from rising to your highest potential and serving in your heart's desires. You will be held, loved and lifted like never before.


Within this container of support and Divine guidance you will find deep freedom, commit to your soul's message and embrace your power. You will ground your Alchemy Blueprint into the Earth's energy field.


Take this journey with other like-minded women and leave this retreat feeling fulfilled and more attuned with your Higher Self. You will leave with clarity and a deep peace of mind and rejuvenation. Jessica will offer hands on and ascended group healing, blessing rituals and ceremonies. 


This is a time to slow down and fill your well with love, nurturing and Divine inspirations and connections. When you relax, you transcend and soften so you may better connect with your intuition. This unique opportunity will help you open your heart and ascend your energy, feeling better than ever before. 

Be Embraced

Our intent is to hold you and your intentions in such a deep and loving way that you will experience a new found freedom to connect with your Essence. Jessica will help you explore creative inspirations to connect with your message as a woman, leader and Sacred Divine soul. 

Your Experience - WHat's Included

  • 5 day, 5 night stay at a fabulous resort (Single or double room options)
  • Welcome Goddess Sunset Dinner Party
  • Breakfast every day (world class food) 
  • Morning meditations
  • Daily Art of Alchemy Immersions with Jessica
  • One-on-one  healing and blessing ritual with Jessica Valor
  • Nighttime sensual soul ceremonies to seal in your embodiment 
  • Style & Embody Your Essence Image Session ( A photo capturing your beautiful expression) 
    • VIP Upgrade style photo sessions available-  limited amount 
  • Sacred Site Tour (paid for separately)
  • Plenty of free time for fun, beach, pool, shopping, adventures, relaxing and connecting! 
  • A group call and private Facebook group in January 2018 to connect in sacred energy creating a powerful vortex to prepare and attune before the retreat-one month prior.

 This intimate experience is designed for You to FEEL the presence of Spirit  lifting you up. 

About Tulum: Be embraced in this magical and pure energy vortex so you may ascend your energy and deeply relax. You will leave feeling totally recharged and inspired. The town is full of  healers, massage therapists, and shopping. White sand beaches and a beautiful turquoise ocean await you to play and rejuvenate. Plus, there are Mayan ruins, cenotes and other adventures from sweat lodges to shops full of treasures waiting for you. Whatever you fancy-Tulum will delight you. 

The Accommodations:  The gorgeous, posh and fabulous Habitas offers an exclusive rustic, bohemian luxury eco lodging experience and serves world class food.  Habitas is the only hotel in Tulum with a private beach for you to relax on with your soul sisters. 

Your Rooms: You’ll be sharing a fabulous room with one other person(one King Bed $3300), although if you’d like a room to yourself, this is available at an extra charge ($4400). (If you’re coming with your friend, be sure to let us know we you sign up so we can put you together!)We will do our best to pair you with a roomie you totally vibe with. 

Ocean front single room option ($5800 very limited space for ocean front single.) 


 Everything above is included. 

All sales are final.

Please note refunds are not available for full or partial payments. 

*airfare, transportation and some meals not included

(closest airport is Cancun, Mexico)

(Fly into Cancun and arrive by 3pm in Tulum- is a little under 2 hour drive) 

*excursions and spa treatments are not included ( definitely spoil yourself-obviously) 

       Single Room JUNGLE

Double Room JUNGLE  

Single Ocean Front room (very limited) 

(All rooms one king bed) 

  Everything in retreat above is included. 


Your soul wants to dance and experience the Art of Alchemy. 

You have A beautiful Unique essence 

Women who lead need and desire fulfillment and often do not stand fiercely in their alignment and tend to sacrifice themselves. The world needs you to feel free so we may all be set free. 

Say Yes to YOU and join us in the powerful expereince. 

You more than deserve this!


Jessica Valor  is an Oracle/Medium, Ascended Healer, Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Mentor for leaders. Jessica supports individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations in connecting to their inner wisdom and higher levels of awareness in order to help them craft their uniquely inspired life and leadership roles during this powerful time of ascension. She is forward thinking and empowers you to strengthen your authenticity, personal power and connect to your intuition. She is dedicated to your personal growth, Self-love and success for manifesting your desires and fulfilling your purpose as an evolved enterprise. 



“I feel I can’t possibly put into words how amazingly talented, loving and intuitive Jessica is and how valuable her coaching has been for me. Her Intuitive soul coaching session tapped into EXACTLY what was going on in my life and helped me clear the obstacles I had been facing for years. I have never experienced more insight, wisdom, clarity, and love from a coach before. Her coaching is a priceless gift that I will be forever grateful for. ~Victoria Cattell Bass

"It is my honor to share how amazing Jessica Valor is. Jessica is not just a coach, a muse, a healer, she is truly an Earth Angel. To work with her, to speak with her and to be in her presence is an absolute honor and life changing! When I meet with her I notice an immediate shift in my energy. As a healer myself, I so desperately need a refuge and a safe place I can go to clear out my energy and see clearly and to choose love. Jessica is that person." ~ Heather Regan (Soul Centered Psychotherapist)



Spending 5 luscious days in beautiful and magical Tulum focused on you.

You will be receiving elite coaching/guidance from two top leaders and healers to help you fully Embody your Essence. There will be a blend of breath work, sound healing, Reiki and Ascended Healing for full relaxation, attunement and initiation for your ultimate experience.

Each day you will dive deep into the Art of Alchemy exploring your soul’s core qualities and how to connect with your message with confidence and clarity. Transformation occurs when you answer the call and connect with your True North message to live a life you adore and fulfill your purpose with passion.

All you have to do is show up and focus on you. Essence is a sacred space to celebrate YOU, have some fun and totally relax.

"You are a Muse with a Divine purpose and creativity lives in your heart to be expressed. This is how you heal the world." 

Essence is designed to give you an alchemical process so that the most amount of transformation, wisdom and initiation can happen in a vortex to seal in your Highest energy to always carry with you.

 You will connect with your new soul sisters, who will be your friends and cheerleaders for life.

The Schedule 

Goddess Sunset Dinner Party ( Red Theme)

Day 1: Arrive hotel by 3pm. You will receive a sacred welcome gift bag in your room filled with magic and an Art of Alchemy workbook with the schedule for week. We will gather for a Goddess Sunset Dinner Party ( Red Theme) Wear your favorite sexy red dress with purple accents! Please arrive by 5:30 pm for ceremony and dinner party. We will make introductions and set intentions for the week. You may mix and mingle or stroll the beach and we will all retire at 10pm to be fresh for next morning.

Day 2-5 Daily Schedule

8:00 – 8:30 am: Breathe Alchemy & Meditation

8:30– 9:30 am: Breakfast + free time

9:30 – 11:00 am: Alchemy Immersions

12:00 – 4:00 pm: You Time - lunch, reflect, alchemy journaling, meditation, enjoy Tulum.
(beach, reading, relaxing, pool, excursions, hang with your new friends, shopping, massages-whatever you fancy)

  • Healing & Blessing One- on One session with Jessica will be scheduled pre retreat for each person during free time. These sessions will be 60 minutes.
  • Sacred Site Tour with Jessica will be on Thursday around 12 pm
    • (this is paid for separately required of course but welcome to come with us and enjoy the sacred site with ritual and a group photo) 
  • ound Bath Healing Ceremony (embody and ground your sovereignty)
  • Individual & Group Retreat Essence Photos with Jessica will be done on Saturday
    • this is dress up style photo that can be used on your media 
  • Embody Your Essence Image sessions will be scheduled pre -retreat and offered in time frames on Friday and Saturday
    • Upgrade style image session will be scheduled with your private photographer pre retreat for each person during  - very limited space 

5:30 – 6:30 pm: Sacred Evening Ceremony (these will vary in theme each evening  aligning with your alchemy journey to seal in and embrace your Sacred Essence.

6:30- 10:00 pm: You Time: Dinner, Sunset is around 6:50 each evening so make sure to catch that on the beach with your new friends. We do not curfew you at 10 pm, however we encourage you to feel refreshed each morning for meditation, healing and alchemy to receive the highest initiations.