Are you a spiritual goddess ready to take your mission to the next level? 

1: 1 Coaching, Healing & Spiritual Mentorship with Jessica | 1.5 days/2 nights <<Application Only>>

How it flows: After traveling to Minneapolis, I will put you up at a beautiful luxurious spa/hotel. We will enjoy the morning together over juice and dive right into your success session. I will call upon your Spirit guides and deliver channeled messages to you. You will FEEL the presence of Spirit all around you -lifting you up.  Then you will receive a hands on quantum healing from me and we will clear all lower energies, fears and any obstacles in your way. This intimate setting allows a deeper approach for long lasting results and success. Next, we will head out for a delicious healthy-inspired lunch where we will co create a plan for you! After lunch we will relax & rejuvenate at the spa together. We will spend some afternoon time meditating together and I will download personalized mantras and declarations for you. In the evening we will experience a culinary delight with special guests to join for dinner that will inspire you. 

The next morning we will share a private yoga practice together and I will continue to clear your energy -raising you to the highest vibration. We will perform a ritual for you before your departure. 

This ultimate experience is designed for those who have invested in developing their authenticity and Divine purpose. Those who are ready to answer the deep call and take everything in their life and business to the highest level. We will focus on your ultimate alignment and contribution for yourself and the world. 

What you receive is Customized to your needs...

  • Clarity in every area of life & biz

  • Crystal clear ideas & inner genius empowerment 

  • Deep channeled messages & hands on quantum energy healing 

  • Craft your message & contribution to the world with your Spirit Guides support 

  • Complete relaxation and relief 

  • Customized Crystal therapy (with Grid to take home and create) 

  • 12 month plan of action  that works for You - all mapped out 

  • Be Empowered fully in your purpose 

  • Create space & freedom in your life & biz 

  • Lovely Hotel accommodations & Delicious Meals

  • Luxurious Spa Treatments & Special Gift Created for You

  • Divine & Inspiring Connections & Company 

Investment: $5000 Paid in Full or 4 payments of $1300.00 -  plus travel costs. 


"From the moment I walked into the space, I felt safe and grounded and a spirit of love. She was so on point in where my spirit and head were at and gave me such great tools to help keep me grounded. I felt held to ask questions about things I was uncertain about, whether they were questions I had about things going on in my life or whether it was clarification about something she had mentioned.
I felt such gratitude after our session, a lightness and clearing away of energy that was holding me back and clarity on how to best move forward. I loved the shift I felt within and without! ~  Jen Cendaña Armas
“I feel I can’t possibly put into words how amazingly talented, loving and intuitive Jessica is and how valuable her coaching has been for me. Her Intuitive soul coaching session tapped into EXACTLY what was going on in my life and helped me clear the obstacles I had been facing for years. I have never experienced more insight, wisdom, clarity, and love from a coach before. Her coaching is a priceless gift that I will be forever grateful for. ~Victoria Cattell Bass
“Booking a session with Jessica had to be one of the best decisions I could’ve of made. Prior to our session I felt powerless to the spiritual experience I was having. She was able to answer my questions and give me practical yet extremely effective ways on how to cleanse and protect my energy. I felt immediate relief after she performed energy work on me and continue to enjoy the effects. If you are sensitive to energy, having a spiritual experience you can’t understand, or need energy clearing among many other things, I highly recommend Jessica. Being able to go to bed without worries and know that I have the power over my experiences is priceless. ~ Rosalie Tolentino
“Working with Jessica for my energy clearing was a such a beautiful experience. I have never been read before or had any idea of what to expect. Jessica guided me safely to a wonderful space that I was able to not only learn more about myself but helped me release the blocks that I needed. It was a life changing experience for me because it helped me gain insight to another layer of myself. Jessica has a beautiful gift. Thank you so much! ~ Vanessa Barios
“I had an amazing intuitive session with Jessica! She explained that she meditates and pulls cards prior, which I really appreciated and liked that she was “all in” from the start. Right away she channeled into the fact that I was in an energy crisis! I was spewing it out like a fountain and exhausting my resources. She honed into that and through her gifts of working with spirit, we moved through how to realign in a way that serves me and others. In the month that has passed since our session, many of the projections made have become reality or on point to do so. Jessica moves fast and really dives into what you need! Really enjoyed my time with Jessica! ~ Danielle Mercurio

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