Welcome to the lightleader Collective

A Lifestyle Space for all things Sacred

for the people who want to fall in love with life and make the world better.

The Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the western woman. I up-level his vision because I believe the world will be changed by those who choose to Lead With Their Light. We are the generation of LightLeaders. The people committed to living a Sacred Life by choosing the path of love over fear.

Stop. Listen.  

DO you hear it?

Sacred Divine Whispers.

Your soul is calling you home to connect.

A place where you feel free, renewed and healed.  A place to answer your deepest questions…and manifest your desires. A place to inspire your heart and expand your soul. 

A space where you are understood, loved and supported. 

As a LightLeader you have big dreams and need a place to fill you well. 

This is your Sacred Space where you will explore and build your Toolbox for all things energy alignment, mindset, healthy habits and all the woo + wisdom you could dream of to curate your dream life.

We are a community connecting authentically through self-exploration, conscious conversations, rituals, celebrating each other and changing the world.  

THe LightLeader Collective Offers you...

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I guide you in an weekly FB LIVE virtual coaching session, supporting your transformation and healing while you embody courage and crush your goals.

Together we will manifest positive direction and inspiration for a happy mind and healthy habits. 

This space is for you if you are ready to join an inner tribe of like-minded & heart centered humans who are committed to self love and helping the world heal.

What you Receive

Elements of THE Lightleader Collective

  Monthly LIVE coaching & healing call   1- 60 minute call/1st Wed. of month at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST)*Recorded if you miss* ($897 value)

Weekly FB Live COaching & + office Hours to answer your questions

  Monthly Themes with beautiful worksheets   Spiritual Guidance & Messages from Angels  See below for more details on themes! ($297 value)

Themes & Rituals for Happy minds & Healthy Habits

  Guided Healing Visualization    A channeled meditation, journey or ritual for your soul.   ($299 value)

Guided Healing meditations



LightLeader Spotlight- connect with Inspiring leaders


Masterclasses, Trainings & Guest Experts

  Sisterhood Society   Become part of the inner tribe of women rising and leading around the world! (Private invitation to exclusive gatherings each year*)  (Value *Priceless)


 Two Levels to choose from

  1. LightLeader Collective - FREE

  2. LightLeader Inner Circe- (see added member benefits below)

  • Guided healing visualizations: A channeled meditation, journey or ritual for your soul.

  • Monthly themes: Beautiful sacred worksheets combined with Spiritual Guidance & Messages from Jess & Spirit for rituals & having a happy mind and developing healthy habits.

  • Private Facebook group - (weekly office hours with Jess, Ronnie & connect with fellow LightLeaders)

  • Community- most importantly...where you will interact with other LightLeaders in a perfect place to make new friends, find new referrals, ask for feedback, try out new ideas, share important news, learn new things, sharpen the tools in your toolbox and grow as a leader!


Join the Inner Circle

  • Monthly LIVE group coaching/healing call : 1- 60 minute LIVE call/1st Wed. of month at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST)*Recorded if you miss*

  • Monthly LightLeader Spotlight: Be featured as an expert to share your offerings and inspirations.

  • Private Invitation to the exclusive LightLeader gathering each year!

  • Exclusive offers: (Discounts of $97-$3197)

  • Special 1:1 pricing: with Jessica (discounts of $97-$3197)


Start Today FOR FREE!

$37 per month after your first month!

pay in full for an annual membership and save 1/2 off!

BONUS: 30 minute reading or healing session

Total Value $600

 ( All sales are final.  No refunds)

You can cancel anytime in Paypal after your first month for free or after that with 30 days notice

You will receive a welcome email once you register with all details!

(Make sure to check your email folders and safelist jessica@jessicavalor.com)

Monthly Themes

Just a few monthly themes so you feel into the vibe of our tribe!

All about self love, releasing doubts and embracing your LightLeader Spirit!

Plus Moon Manifestations & Rituals 

  • Sacred Contracts & Commitments: Align your energy and focus on the things every day that help you accomplish your goals. 

  • Sacred Relationships: Learn how to connect with sacred contracts to empower your communications.  

  • Power of Your Dreams: Learn how to listen to your dreams and your souls inner compass. 

  • Big Self Love: Discover ways to fall deeply in love with yourself. Deep connection. 

  • Sacred Soul: Embrace Intimacy, feel sexy, express your desires. 

  • Create Sacred Space for your home to relax.

  • Forgiveness as your foundation: Release the past and anything holding you back so you feel free

  • Money/Wealth Mindset: Believe in yourself and attune to the frequencies of the life you want to experience. Activate your wealth.

  • Embrace Your Sacred Heart: Open your heart chakra, heal & release doubts/pains and embrace your dreams. 

  • Connect with Your Inner MUSE: Free your soul's inner muse and bring your vision to life. Feel inspired, connected & free.Celebrate.

  • Divine Feminine & Masculine-Healing Lineages: Heal past wounds and open your heart to receive the Divine connection to your ancestors and bring forward the powerful alchemy that is unfolding.

  • Confidence for Conscious Leaders: Value your power and connect with your Higher Self. 

Invest in Yourself 

When you commit to show up and stand in your power, everything aligns for you. 

You raise your vibration and experience increased energy opening all the doors to a life filled with intention, purpose and joy.

All successful and happy people have invested in their evolution and now is the time for you. 

The LightLeader Collective is designed to guide, support and empower your evolution and acceptance of your Intuition & Divine Truths so you may live free of doubt and thrive sharing your gifts with the world.  

Meet Your MentorS


Jessica Valor is an inspirational speaker, healer and mentor who delivers her programs to thousands of women and men entrepreneurs every year on the topics of conscious leadership, intuitive intelligence and personal development.
Jessica is a clear and powerful conduit for high-level spirits. She awakened to the strengths of her clairvoyant, healing gifts in 2011 after her own "near-death experience" where she visited heaven, met with a council of ascended masters and returned to life to help the world heal and move through ascension. She works with change leaders all over the world offering a transformational and transcendental experience through her speaking, mentoring and energy healing academy. She has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers who are committed to their purpose and vision by helping them embody their power and understand their gifts.

Message from me: I was called by Spirit & many leaders to create this space. And so it is. It is my honor to guide you. We will have so much fun while exploring your wisdom and truth and experience freedom by living an inspired and confident life together as LightLeaders. Remember this is what you were born for- to Lead With Your Light. Together we are powerful.

I love you~ Jessica Valor


Ronnie Tsunami, the Change the World Coach, is a business intuitive helping leaders and organizations to accelerate the growth of their world-changing movements..tsunami-style! Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Ronnie’s innovative learning solutions have been implemented in more than 10,000 academic institutions, companies and enterprise organizations around the world including Microsoft, the US Air Force, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Time Warner Cable, and PlantPure Nation. In addition, he has built online and local support communities with millions of members in over 400 cities around the world in the fields of information technology, business, and health and wellness. Ronnie recently launched the largest web video summit ever held on the Internet, and he currently speaks around the country to companies and change leaders on how to accelerate change in an organization and society as a whole. For fun, Ronnie is a multi award-winning musician, singer and composer. He also is a big advocate of the plant-based lifestyle, earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, and is the co-founder of the Plant-Based Society and a Board Member of the Coalition for Healthy School Food.

Hear what a few  members are saying! 

"I love the group calls because it’s a chance to connect in sacred space to learn, grow, and support one another! I’ve received valuable information to incorporate into my own healing rituals and to share with my clients. The guided meditations have helped me to work through and release old stories and give me the opportunity to connect with my Truth on a deeper level."

"Good Group, Love the People & the Meditations"

"I feel at peace. I took my worksheets to my therapist to help me heal! I started dating again! I feel SO confident. I am taking much better care of myself now. I feel like I have more ME time. I love the rituals so much..."

"These gatherings are a place to connects, support, be supported and be with likeminded people. I love the supportive group, the energy and the spiritual work we are doing. It feels important and necessary."

"Jess is amazing and I loved every minute of tonight! I felt a warm, calm, welcoming presence. Love it! "

"Jess is nonjudgmental and creates a beautiful safe space. I was so relaxed. Was a small enough group where I felt comfortable as I not much of a group person."