"Miracles come in moments, be ready and willing." ~ Wayne Dyer

The Journey is all about YOU. 

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

How open are you to receive Love? 

How are you in relationship with the world around you? 

You have a Power within you that is greater than you could ever imagine. 

If you tune into this Power you can begin manifesting your dreams into reality NOW rediscovering the Essence of not only who you are but what you are made of.  

You are Sacred

Your life, relationships and business are all Sacred. 

You are a FREE, limitless, beautiful soul capable of living any type of life you desire.

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Align (Choose to Commit) ~ Ascend (Take Action) ~ Receive (Embody Your Power) 

the Universe is opening all of the doors for you!

In fact, the doors have always been open. 

But, are you in a mindset and emotional state of receiving that allows you to SEE the doors before you?

I want to help you make your dreams come true and feel loved and honored in the process.

I know life is not always easy. But, I can support you every step of the way.

What you get

Inspirational videos - helping you to stay aligned in your happy, vibrant and purpose-filled life. 

Healing essences and blessings from Angels & Masters  to open your heart and ascend your energy.  

Guided healing/meditations to let go of stuck energy and stay in the flow of receiving abundance. 

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Videos, Ebooks, Rituals, Sacred Space, Money Manifesting, Meditations, Prayers/Declarations Exlusive Offers & More! 

  Weekly Wine & Wisdom - LIVE Card Readings to  Power-Up and get guidance with Jess!

Weekly Wine & Wisdom - LIVE Card Readings to Power-Up and get guidance with Jess!

   Ritual & Relief eBook: A High Vibe Lifestyle Guide

Ritual & Relief eBook: A High Vibe Lifestyle Guide

  Ritual Grids & Soul Exploration   (Rituals to enhance your life)

Ritual Grids & Soul Exploration (Rituals to enhance your life)

Everything you want is within reach.

I am holding Sacred space for you

 “My life story is an unbelievable tale of overcoming trauma. Falling down and rising up. Realizing my gifts and committing to help the world heal. Tune in for my never-before shared Personal Stories and how I overcame obstacles so you can too. Join me to fall in love with your life." ~ Jessica Valor

Love Your Life ~ Join the Community!
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“My coaching program with Jessica was truly amazing! I  felt an abundance of love and empowered to landscape my life. What were feelings and wonders have transpired into dreams being realized. I am filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead.”~ Jamie Duncan ~ Deaf Friendly Biz Founder