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*offered in 2 hour increments for maximum benefits and relaxation*

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Massage Therapy

Enjoy a customized massage therapy style just for you, melting away all your tension and stress. 

The therapeutic massage style I offer goes beyond traditional massage, allowing for a deep state of relaxation, for healing and releasing of any tension in your mind and body on a tissue and cellular level. Your custom massage (Swedish massage style or deep tissue) will stimulate your mind, body, and spirit allowing you to feel energized, release any muscle tension, and leave you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated!


Massages are available in one hour, 90 minute and two hour increments.

Why should you get a massage? For one, your worth it and deserve to relax your mind, body, and spirit. Secondly, massage has a wide variety of amazing therapeutic benefits and has proven beneficial for many chronic conditions.

($80.00 for 60 minutes, $120.00 for 90 minutes, $150.00 for 120 minutes)


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Energy Healing &  Massage

Combine a healing with a customized relaxing massage! 

Allow yourself to completely let go, unwind, relax and rejuvenate your mind, body & soul!

This fabulous session combines energy healing and cranial sacral techniques with massage therapy offering a deeper state of relaxation for healing and releasing all that does not serve you. This is different from traditional massage therapy as the focus is to release “stuck” energy in the body.

This session is available in two hour increments (120 minutes.) $150.00


(Call or text): 919.247.4729 or   Email me at:

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(will give directions and address upon booking)

Amazing Add Ons for Services

*You may add  essential oils to any massage for an additional $5.00

* You may add the Bio Mat to your massage for an additional $25.00

* You may add Hot Stones to any massage for an additional $35.00


Additional Relaxing & Healing Services

Raindrop Therapy

The Raindrop Technique uses vitaflex, reflexology, massage and essential oils applied to various locations of the body to bring alignment, clear chakras and energy, and raises frequency. This service is designed to balance and relax the body. Therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils are used. Jessica also offers Spiritual Raindrop Technique which anoints the 7 Chakras (energy centers of the body) offering benefits for health and healing. This is offered as a one hour session( 60 minutes.) $100.00

Chakra Clearing/Balancing

Movement is vital to our life force. Exercising daily clears our energy throughout all systems supporting our mind, body and spirit.  Sometimes we need assistance to clear “stuck” energy in the chakras and body allowing you to feel clear, rejuvenated and alive. Through mental focus, connecting to subconscious and relaxation we open and balance your chakra system. This session includes essential oils and is offered as a one hour appointment (60 minutes.) $100.00

BIO Mat Sessions

The Bio Mat is a high-quality infrared healing mat that helps the body heal itself naturally. It is designed to ease stress and pain and improve long term health; and has also been shown to help people regain their health from a variety of conditions. VERY RELAXING! 

·         30 min - $25

·         60 min - $40

The BioMat has been scientifically proven to:

  • Relief from pain and tension
  • Speed up wound/surgical healing by 57%
  • Promote bioprocess: rejuvenate DNA, increase metabolism
  • Flush toxins from the lymph system, including mercury
  • Increase collagen tissue extensibility
  • Assist weight loss and accelerate burn of calories
  • Increase flow of nutrients and oxygen to soft tissues of the body
  • Increase production of nitric oxide


    (Call or text): 919.247.4729 or   Email me at:


    (will give directions and address upon booking)

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