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Join us for an Exclusive Masterclass!

Your WHY is the reason and core of your business. Explore how to expand your reach with the HOW to your WHY. 

  • A Mind Mapping process to bring together all of the pieces for your business through introspection to build a framework for the HOW to bring success to your WHY and activate your abundance!

  • Evaluate your progress and connect the dots to gain momentum forward.

  • Totally free + Fun + Powerful.

  • Free Laser Consulting! SO GOOD!

Leverage Your Gifts & Fulfill Your Purpose

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Date: October 17th Noon EST/11AM CST

the results You gain with the masterclass

  • Clarity about your next steps and focus for your purpose or mission

  • Confidence to take action

  • Strategic laser consulting

  • Motivation and inspiration

  • Live Bonuses

Meet Your Mentors

Jessica Valor (master Energy Healer + Biz Strategist)

Ronnie Tsunami (Visionary Leader + Business Intuitive & Systems Expert)



Lead with Your Light


Build Your Brand


Create a Movement with Your Message



What do you get when you combine a Master Energy Healer + A Visionary Strategic Leader? You get a team who has your back to grow an abundant and conscious business that creates impact in the world. 

You are in the new era of leadership which requires integration + illumination for your brand to be successful. Together we offer implementation support to help you build and launch a successful business faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

We have created a model so you achieve your goals strategically and fulfill your purpose. (with no cookie cutter methods- we promise)

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