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"I love the accountability, but it goes deeper than the obvious. This is about showing up for your life, your commitments, and your purpose!!! So you can be found by those who you are meant to serve in your unique essence. Alignment is key. Trust in your True Self and your message/mission/service in this world will blow you away.
Jess is an alignment wizard who will call your soul... to trust your birthright reality: That you are loved, that you are a co-creator with a divine right to be here. That your message and your light matters. That there is no time to waste limiting yourself! Own it!" ~ Natalie Foster of True Self institute.  

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(Private 1-1 VIP coaching available at bottom of page for application- exclusive offer) 

Begins January and continues through December 2018

Space is Limited for an intimate experience, laser focus + accountability 

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“Jessica Valor is my go-to Goddess when it comes to teaching people how to grow a spiritually based business. She's a master at helping you tap into your gifts and use them to your best abilities. Her coaching and courses will bring you to the level ascended healing and alignment that you need to be at so your business and life can thrive.”  
~ Kimra Luna (Branding Expert and Business Strategist) 

Imagine... feeling confident and aligned while surrendering the struggle and embodying your sovereignty through your true soul commitments.
This is the kind of year I envision for you. 



Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Sacred Biz Owners











Social media experts


Mission driven, purpose fulfilling bad ass souls
who have a story to tell and  message to share

This is for you if you want to... 

  • expand or up-level & stop playing small
  • shift your money mindset and align with your sovereignty 
  • be organized, create a system, sales funnel and strong foundation
  • get feedback on content, your message and branding
  • position and package your offerings and develop a campaign
  • launch an offer, course, program or product
  • build an email list or social media space
  • learn how to effectively reach your target market
  • connect and have resources to save time, money and energy
  • interested in growing locally, online or both


Begins in January

And Continues Through December 2018

You will receive

STILL TIME To Join through February!!!! 

12 months of support

4 private sessions with me for strategy, guidance and healing (Value $1350) 

Access to exclusive rates for 1-1 sessions with me for all of 2018. 


Also Includes...

  • Accountability (and organizing tools) 
  • Develop your Business Portfolio(Layout and worksheets provided for you everything from budgeting to, Sacred Why, Branding, Strategy, Funnel, Your journey and so much more...) 
  • Create a Sales Strategy that Serves your clients with your message 
  • Develop a sales funnel and Plan for an accelerated 2018  
  • Create a launch strategy for your signature offering - I will help you through the whole process whether you are grass roots or ready to invest in ads
  • Business Building Foundation materials and tools 
  • Upgrade your energy and your business to the highest level (alignment in the vortex) 
  • Private FB group: (Weekly check ins for all you business questions, plus offer you laser coaching and feedback your offers and strategy) 
  • *Option (additional fee) VIP day Intensive and branding photoshoot in Atlanta or Minneapolis. 
  • $500 off any retreat I offer. 
  • FOCUS ROAD MAP(Private Session with me 90 minutes) We will co-create a step-by-step master blueprint for you to follow so you stay focused to meet your money and vision goals. I will help you get laser clear on what to focus on so you can bring your purpose to life in the most aligned way and make money doing what you love. This is a space to cultivate your offerings for 2018. Completed in January or before. 
  • 2 private sessions with me (60 minutes each) - one for healing and one for business strategy (used in the year as needed)
  • Check in private session (60 minutes) -in June 2018. 
  • 2 group calls per month (60 minutes each) (spiritual and business coaching) 
  • Access to exclusive rates through the year for additional needed sessions with me ($150 per hour - saving half off every session) 
  • Learn Alchemy techniques for holding space for your clients and yourself


Plus Bonuses

BONUS ONE: 2018 Sacred Sisterhood Society Membership for 2018 (Value $324) 

BONUS TWO: 2018 Forecast (Value $250)see here:

BONUS THREE: Chakra Healing with Oils, Crystals, Mantras & a Meditation to stay High Vibe and open to receive! (Priceless!) 

BONUS FOUR: A Sacred Meditation every month to stay in alignment. 


Investment Options

Investment is $6000 (Pay in Full - Save $300)

Payment Plan $525 (12 monthly payments)

  Total Value $30,000

Apply now!

I Love you!

After applying and acceptance, please sign up for the payment option that works best for you below. 


Why Me?
Why Now?

I am invested in your success. I can help you elevate your vision and fulfill your purpose.

I KNOW what resources you need to take your spiritual journey and business to the next level. 

I know what it takes to grow a local and online/global business. I have grown a few myself.

I successfully launched 4 online programs(six figures), wrote my first book and served hundreds of clients helping them meet their personal and professional goals. (I did this in 2 years)

I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business and work with leading industry experts in the fields of business, spiritual mentoring, branding, strategy/sales funnels, marketing, speaking, publishing, TV/Media, Consulting (Move the Crowd), Rha Goddess, JLove Calderon, Gabby Bernstein, Nancy Levin, Mastin Kipp, Marie Forleo, Selena Soo for public relations and Kimra Luna for business strategy and launching programs online are to name a few.

Prior to growing my current business (which has doubled in revenues every year), I was the VP of a medical company I grew from $50,000 a year to almost $4 Million in annual sales in 6 short years. 

I have your back to help you get the results you want
and the turn-key support you need. 

I want to support you to get long- lasting results
for your business based on real stats (numbers) and your aligned vision.  

You will be able to pick my brain on all topics - my investments alone are worth well over $500K PLUS my relationship with Ascended Masters to guide your purpose is uniquely unprecedented and truly priceless. I am here to share this connection with you and guide you through your life and business journey.



Want to go Deeper?

Elevate Your Sacred Business + Make Money Doing What you love! 

Explore higher and deeper embodiment for your purpose and Sacred Business. 

Work with Higher Realms - for you, your clients and your business -with a deeper connection and knowledge of Angels, Masters and Spirits who support you.

VIP Private one- on - one coaching program

Exclusive and Limited offer

You Will Receive...

  private Coaching 6 Month Package

Imagine A Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer and Business Advisor all in one place for you! 

  • In Person VIP day together to kick start your program (can be done virtually if you prefer) 
    • We will meet in Atlanta, GA for a fabulous VIP day in 2018.
      • (We can do this in January or after-you choose.)
    • You will receive hands on healing by me
    • We will ceremony to ground and attune your intentions and outline your goals
    • If you want to travel to retreat for a weekend, we can discuss different locations, options and any additional travel costs associated. 
  • Initial 2-hour "Soul Deep Dive" session
    • We will Develop your Customized Divine Roadmap for our time together – stellar step- by- step plan of action to achieve your goals/results. We will dive into your Soul Strengths and set the tone for getting you organized results. 
    • (Option to do this in person the day of your VIP day- or virtually) 
  • Monthly Coaching Calls (Two - 60 minute calls per month) 
    • Together on your calls, we will go deep into your healing and strategic plan to create a life you love, empower your intuition, and ascend your energy! We will go beyond transformation and empower your spiritual evolution. On these calls we dive into whatever is showing up for you, check in on your progress and I will offer you any spiritual, practical or business tools or resources you need. 
  • One Hour Ascended Healing Hypnotherapy Journey
    • This is completed in your first month. 
    • Clearing energy through your span of lifetimes! This is a powerful experience where you gain deep insight and clarity for the core elements of your soul's blueprint.
  • Weekly Accountability Support to Stay on Track 
    • We use Asana to manage your goals and priorities and can use text or voxer to communicate
  • Special GIFT! 
    • I love picking out a gift for you! 
  • Six Ascended Energy Healings (60 minute sessions)
    •  We will heal all elements, mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
    • You can schedule these anytime through your coaching program as needed
  • One non scheduled 30 minute call per month
    • These are bonus check ins (as needed) for emotional support
  • Retreat Voucher for $500 off any retreat


Exclusive & Limited Offer

$20,000 - 6 months

(Valued at over $30,000)

If you feel you are 100% ready to invest in yourself then click the Apply Today button below and I will reply within 24 hours to schedule your consultation! I look forward to connecting with you! 




I will help you design your dream life and business head to toe, A-Z!

Together we will journey to deepen and elevate your spiritual practice and fulfill your purpose. 

This program is systematic and customized to your needs. 

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