Sacred Summer with Jessica Valor

This is for women who want to feel healed, empowered and whole. 

Can't make it to Bali this summer but want to experience something EPIC for your soul? 

This is it. 


Divine Truth lives within you ~ allow yourself the space to unlock your power. 

This Experience is for...women who are creatives, soul searchers, entrepreneurs, and beautiful souls feeling the call to lovingly deepen their connection with the Divine and embody their message, divine power and purpose on a deeper level.

 Explore The Art Of Alchemy And Embody Your Divine Expression

Align      Ascend       Receive

Imagine...Your sacred summer unfolding in a Divine recipe of love, magic and powerful Soul Alchemy.


THIS is your sacred space where you will connect with your message, story and Divine expression to create impact within your soul and in the world.  

A place where you have permission to relax, expand and create alignment with your vision on a cellular level. 

A magical container for you to fully attune your energy and align your heart energy with your level of leadership.

This is a space for women, sisterhood and Divine goddesses who want to connect with your essence and ground your intentions with focus and pure clarity. 

You will let go and heal doubts and fears that have held you back from rising to your highest potential and serving in your heart's desires. You will be held, loved and lifted like never before.


Benefits & Results 

You possess the power to thrive as a leader, healer and visionary for the highest love and light.

Now is the time to embrace your gifts of intuition and live the life you desire. Now is the time to Believe in your power…and step out into the world and finally use it!

Receive the highest level of Ascended Energy Healing and channeling from Jessica to embody your essence, connect with your intuition, and own your power. As a result, you can:

Get crystal clear on your purpose, power, and mission in life.

Feel unapologetic about being seen and heard in your business and life. 

Shine bright like a diamond and feel confident to rock the stage as your grow your brand.

Attract the love you’ve been pinning to your vision board.

Manifest money to cover all your bills with ease and have an abundance of savings so you feel free!

download (1).jpeg

Let it all be easy and flow to you as you rise in alignment.

Connect directly to a high-vibe level of source energy that celebrates and supports your soul path.

What you receive

  • Monthly Sacred Circle (virtual live calls) (Value = $900)
    • This is a space to receive guidance on Alchemy & Healing and you will experience a 30 minute guided healing with Jessica (Angels + Masters) on each call to release the old and embody your sacred power.
    • All calls are recorded. 
    • We meet every two weeks June-August for 90 minutes.
  • Monthly Private Healing with Jessica (3 sessions) (Value $900) 
    • This is a 60 minute customized private session each month to integrate what you learn and experience deep individual healing (womb, lineage, protection, embodiment, and more.) 
  • Alchemy Steps to Embody Your Essence & Own Your Power (Value $197)
    • Sacred workbook - pdf download
    • check out the Alchemy steps below for details and benefits 
  • A Special Gift from me in the mail
    • I want you to know how much I cherish you 

YOUR PRICE: $1297 or 3 payments of $525

Other amazing Benefits? 

 Deep Self Love - Transcend 

Deep Self Love - Transcend 

 Embody Your Sacred Essence

Embody Your Sacred Essence

 FUn with SOul Sisters- Everlasting True Friendships

FUn with SOul Sisters- Everlasting True Friendships

...Just to name a FEW (wink)



*VIP Dinner in Atlanta this August to Celebrate (Value - $Priceless)

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 We will create a customized VIP experience just for you! Get your spiritual and all things Sacred on ladies! 

Need a Payment Plan? Got you covered! 

*All Sales are final. 

" Jessica Valor is truly one of the greats and is an impeccable channel. I trust her guidance of the high truth and compassion specifically for my own readings as a medium myself. If your looking for authentic guidance and sense of purpose & direction, I endlessly recommenced working with Jessica."~ Emily Aube' ~ Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Coach, Author, Speaker & Writer

Join intuitive mentor, spiritual coach, medium and healer Jessica Valor on on exciting and fun journey this summer to embody your essence. Every month we will connect in meditation and Art of Alchemy exercises, and individually participate in self love rituals to help you embody your Highest expression. 

This experience is focused on the Art of Alchemy because you have a story, message and Divine Expression that must be celebrated and shared with the world. When you connect with your Essence - magic happens and an inner alchemy occurs that transcends your magnificence and aligns your sovereignty.

You Will Discover How To Open Your Heart And Express Your Essence With Confidence, Grace And Style.  


Alchemy Steps to Embody Your Essence & Own Your Power 

Transform all doubt to Divinity and fears into love. 

Identify all sources, cords and roots to doubt(s) & old wounds  so you can dissolve dense energies and embody your True North Power. 

  • Spiritual Timeline & Awakening Integration
    • The process of spiritual awakening and how to make it work for you (Gain confidence & clarity so you will finally be free of self-doubt)
    • How to support your energy while shedding and cleansing old emotions and patterns you release (surrender all sufferings & embody pure ascended energy so you feel amazing)
    • The language, understanding and process to embodying your crystalline energy (Feel aligned, free and abundant with your newly discovered energy and be free of lack and any resistance)
  • Align Your Energy
    • How to align with your life purpose with an ascended perspective – “the bigger picture”
    • Know how to see the world through the eyes of your Higher Self
  • Sacred Contracts
    • We will create sacred contracts for your life, purpose, relationships & ascension
      • Clarity for what you desire to receive in your purpose, life and relationships so you feel balanced, supported and understood.
  • Sacred Space & Protection
    • How to set up & maintain sacred space
    • Keep your home, office and any space clean and high vibe
    • Higher levels of rituals & protection for your energy & physical bodies, chakras and enlightened
  • Higher Power and Connection
    • Masters & Angels Essences (learn who is present with you-Jessica will channel this for you)
    • Learn about your own personal Council of Love + Light
    • Receive your Spirit Animal Medicine (Jessica with channel your land, bird and ocean spirit totems)

PLUS - Ascended Healing For...

Clearing stored traumas and opening up your creative flow - > attuning to your highest level.

  • Lineage Healing- Feminine & Masculine 
  • Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing 
  • Break Old Contracts & Write New Ones
  • Divine Feminine Embodiment
  • Womb Healing
  • Emotional Healing on the cellular level
  • Divine Feminine & Masculine Balancing & Healing 

"It is my honor to share how amazing Jessica Valor is. Jessica is not just a coach, a muse, a healer, she is truly an Earth Angel. To work with her, to speak with her and to be in her presence is an absolute honor and life changing! When I meet with her I notice an immediate shift in my energy. As a healer myself, I so desperately need a refuge and a safe place I can go to clear out my energy and see clearly and to choose love. Jessica is that person."   ~ Heather Regan  Soul Centered Psychotherapist



Within this container of support and Divine guidance you will find deep freedom, commit to your soul's message and embrace your power. You will ground your Alchemy Blueprint into the Earth's energy field.


Take this journey with other like-minded women and feel fulfilled and more attuned with your Higher Self. You will know clarity and a deep peace of mind and rejuvenation. Jessica will offer private and ascended group healing, blessing rituals and ceremonies. 


This is a time to slow down and fill your well with love, nurturing and Divine inspirations and connections. When you relax, you transcend and soften so you may better connect with your intuition. This unique opportunity will help you open your heart and ascend your energy, feeling better than ever before. 

Be Embraced

Sacred intent is THIS space to hold you and your intentions in such a deep and loving way that you will experience a new found freedom to connect with your Essence. Jessica will help you explore creative inspirations to connect with your message as a woman, leader and Sacred Divine soul. 

 Presence is your Power- take this time for you&nbsp;

Presence is your Power- take this time for you 

  &nbsp;"You are a Sacred Sexy Soul"&nbsp;~ Prince &nbsp;Take time to revel in the beauty of who and what you are.

 "You are a Sacred Sexy Soul" ~ Prince Take time to revel in the beauty of who and what you are.

 Adventure this summer and Live Out Loud.&nbsp;

Adventure this summer and Live Out Loud. 


Your soul wants to dance and experience the Art of Alchemy. 

  This is YOUR Eat, Pray, Love Sacred   Summer Experience!&nbsp;

This is YOUR Eat, Pray, Love Sacred Summer Experience! 

You have A beautiful
Unique essence 

Women who lead need and desire fulfillment and often do not stand fiercely in their alignment and tend to sacrifice themselves. The world needs you to feel free so we may all be set free. 

Say Yes to YOU and join us
in the powerful experience. 

You more than
deserve this!