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(Guidance, Energy Healing, Readings)

In these intimate sessions, you receive guidance from Spirit and myself drawing upon Energies that empower you. You will gain resources and learn how to connect with your intuition to remove blocks so you Thrive!

All the things…(cards, chakra clearing, crystals, Energy, talk therapy + Angels & Spirit Guides for a full mind, body and Soul Rejuvenation)

  • Are you seeking clarity or direction in an area of your life or business where you are transitioning, up-leveling or feel stuck? Maybe with a relationship, health, purpose/career or goal?

  • Did you experience a trauma, break up or loss and want support to navigate in your time of healing?

  • Is talk therapy just not enough? Energy Healing is the perfect compliment and solution to help you feel empowered and take actionable steps towards your dreams.

Together we will clear the obstacles and create a plan to manifest your desires, because you deserve to feel amazing, abundant and free.

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  • One Hour Session ($150)

  • Two Hour Session ($250)

  • Raindrop Therapy Session ($175 - 90 minutes Includes essential oils, hot towels, chakra Clearing, energy healing & Cranial Sacral all combined with oils and Back, hand and foot massage for total relaxation)

  • 3 Month Mentoring & Healing Program (Application only)

    Once you book, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule your session.

    All sales are final.

    (In person at my home studio in Buckhead or virtually, your preference!)

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(Life, Spirituality, Space, Business)

(I am ready for someone in my corner.)

Imagine, looking at your self in the mirror and thinking "I did it, it all worked out."

AND you stand in celebration that you have the capacity to live in the fullest expression of yourself. You are gifted, powerful, beautiful and necessary and I support your rising sovereignty.

I will help you achieve these moments on your journey by holding Sacred Space for you to take bold - brave action to realize your dreams.

My approach is designed to get you results with a Loving-NO BS philosophy. I have your back to get the trusted results you want and turn-key support you need in life + biz.

Once you book, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule your session. (In person at my home studio in Buckhead or virtually, your preference!)

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Hello, I'm Jess

My mission is to help you master your energy and mindset accelerating your gifts to feel connected so you fall in love with your life and fulfill your purpose.

All humans want is to feel better and I help you get there.

My Approach…

50% Soul (vortex vibes)- master energy healer, oracle and spiritual mentor. (Everything is energy-so we get your foundation strong here first healing all past pain, traumas and clearing stuck patterns so you can thrive.)

50% Strategy - consulting for life and business to accomplish your goals! (Integration is required to maintain momentum for your desires.)

My commitment is to help you cure doubt and embody your sacred power.

This is what you were born for, remember you chose this life to lead with your light and leave a legacy. 

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“Jessica Valor is my Go-To Goddess when it comes to teaching people how to grow a conscious centered empire. She's a Master at helping you tap into your gifts and use them to your best abilities. She will catch your blind spots and is invaluable for your ventures.

Her coaching and courses will bring you to a level of ascended healing and alignment so that your business and life can thrive.” Kimra Luna (Branding Expert & Business Strategist)

Ascend Your Energy & Evolve Your Soul

Success Stories 


You can read more of my story & full bio here: Www.jessicavalor.com/mystory


I deeply love my clients and am so proud of the results they all achieve in our working together. 

I have mentored, trained and spiritually guided thousands of clients to own their power, commit to their purpose and create lives and business that completely fulfill them. 

I help my clients overcome past traumas and hold a loving and compassionate space since I am a trauma survivor too.

Most of my clients work with me to learn how to deeply trust their intuition, experience soulful relationships with themselves and others and expand a succesful empire.

My clients all feel deeply connected to Spirit, cut the doubt in their mind, are grounded, happy and have five, six and seven figure + businesses. 


Here are just a few examples... 

Read more client reviews for healing and business here: www.jessicavalor.com/client-reviews

  • N - Jessica has a very loving and healing presence and is able to help me move through blocks that I have had my whole life. After having healings with Jess, my energy and life has completely shifted and I now am able to be more joyful and abundant.

  • J - I have worked with a ton of coaches, mentors and professionals on my journey and Jessica Valor is the real deal! I am amazed at her gifts and talents and her ability to tune into a higher source and use that information to help and serve her clients is first class.

  • H - Jessica is not just a coach, a muse, a healer, she is truly an Earth Angel. To work with her, to speak with her and to be in her presence is an absolute honor and life changing! When I meet with her I notice an immediate shift in my energy. As a healer myself, I so desperately need a refuge and a safe place I can go to clear out my energy and see clearly and to choose love. Jessica is that person.

  • I - Jessica is one of the most phenomenal people I have ever worked with. She completely shifted my mental and emotional state and helped me to unblock things that I was stuck in for DECADES. She is supremely talented, kind, compassionate and so generous with her time and gifts.

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"Jessica radiates with loving clairvoyance. Her approach to healing is ambitious, committed and empowering. She carries herself in such a raw, passionate manner that you immediately become energized in her presence. She is a beautiful, loving conduit for the divine energy. Whatever guidance you are seeking, look no further." — Heather Regan ~ Soul Centered Psychotherapist