Storytelling Masterclass Bundle to Build Your Brand

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You only need 2 things in business to be successful.

1. People have to like you. (Connecting with your audience is key)

2. You better be able to back up what you say. (You have experience in what they're going through.)

A successful brand/business share a common denominator - consistency + connection. 

Storytelling is how you connect and direct your audience and clients to trust you and understand the value of the solutions you offer through services or products. Strategy is how you stay in from of them.

I created this Storytelling for Marketing/Branding Masterclass Bundle to give you exactly what you need to stay in front of your audience.

Branding + Storytelling are big topics in the marketplace and we are not shy on courses, programs or consultants. I know, because I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in learning and integrating for my business and my clients. What I have found is that even though all the bells and whistles are great, it tends to be unnecessary to grow a business.

What this masterclass bundle can do for you

  1. Learn How to break stories down for relevancy.

  2. Learn to leverage your stories in the marketplace to connect with your audience and clients.

  3. Create long term relationships with your audience through storytelling.

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What you receive in this branding business bundle

Storytelling for Marketing Masterclass

  • Training Video for Storytelling

  • How to find and cultivate stories with a timeline to share that hit the 5 main branding/messaging points.

    • Relevant, Educational, Engaging, Inspiring, Solution Driven.

  • Category Ideas for Stories

  • Great Questions for creating stories

Content calendaring Masterclass

  • Training Video for content scheduling & Organization

    • What tools to use to stay organized

    • Creating a google content calendar

    • Creating a tracking log and folders to track and stay organized

    • Where + How to get images - an overview of how to get brand images for your content

    • Simple resources to take your own images

  • Monthly holidays and important dates + hashtags 

    • January - December

  • Monthly Story prompts to easily connect your brand/message & offerings with your audience

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Meet Your Mentor


Jessica Valor (master Energy Healer + Biz Strategist)

Jessica Valor is an inspirational speaker, storyteller, healer and business branding strategist who delivers her programs to thousands every year on the topics of conscious leadership, intuitive intelligence and personal development.


Jessica is a clear and powerful intuitive/conduit for high-level spirits. She awakened to the strengths of her clairvoyant, healing gifts in 2011 after her own "near-death experience" where she visited heaven, met with a council of ascended masters and returned to life to help the world heal and move through ascension. She works with change leaders all over the world offering a transformational and transcendental experience through her speaking, mentoring and energy healing academy. She has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers who are committed to their purpose and vision by helping them embody their power and understand their gifts.

Jessica lives in Atlanta, GA with her fur baby, Monji who she adores. When not inspiring thousands of leaders she is found as a domestic Goddess cooking, creating rituals, practicing yoga and of course singing and dancing to her favorite songs. She loves helping her clients rise to their highest potentials and building the foundation of #teamlove to help those in need.

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A Few Success Stories


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“Jessica Valor is my go-to Goddess when it comes to teaching people how to grow a spiritually based business. She's a master at helping you tap into your gifts and use them to your best abilities. Her coaching and courses will bring you to the level ascended healing and alignment that you need to be at so your business and life can thrive.” ~ Kimra Luna

"In one month- opened my doors to my own unique spiritual business, claimed my me-ness, and began implementing real action steps! I now have 8 clients and expanding!


I built a website, an email list, and started a newsletter. Created a successful monthly networking group for other healing professionals and resolved self doubt issues around stepping into my power as a change maker and Light leader in my community, owning my true self in my work, life, and biz.
Plus, my relationship is in a great place to boot partly due to me honoring my true self needs and growing up into a mature woman who trusts her intuition and believes in herself.” ~ Natalie Foster of True Self institute and 2018 Mastermind Member


Working with Jessica has been transformative. I have had the privilege to work with Jessica personally and professionally with her healing sessions and business mastermind. The changes I have noticed in both areas of my life have opened up exponentially from personal healing to new business growth. Jessica has a true gift to give to others. ~ Kathryn Vigness ~ Author and Life Coach