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Why you want this…

Because if it worked for you doing it solo, you would not be here.


o F$ow gives you what you need in the modern world to create a life and biz you love and is aligned with your vision. Let’s face it, we all basically want the same things (money, fun, love, purpose and success) but we definitely do not want to get there the same way and it gets to look different for each of us.

o We need re-programming that everything needs to be available now and that it requires no work or time invested to get there. This is a massive disillusionment.

Why did I create Find Your $ Flow? So you receive all you desire with a well oiled system for you to stay in a no fail zone and mindset.

This efficient method WORKS and is drafted from all I have learned in life, biz and the combined 25 plus years of studying all things abundance + consciousness to get you results.

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 Are you?…

  • feeling like you’ve already done everything you “should” do to have complete abundance in your life, but are still stuck in the same cycle?

  • tired of investing your money in courses that promise big things but deliver no results?

  • feeling like the world has run out of money for you?

  • letting fear paralyze you from taking positive action towards your dreams?

  • feeling stress and anxiety take over the wheel every time you think about money?

  • saying no to things you want to experience in life because you don’t have the cash flow?

  • feeling guilty about wanting money? 

  • tired of searching for love and doing all the things and not meeting your perfect partner?

Let me lay out a scenario for you…


 You KNOW there is a different way to live. A life full of abundance, joy and excitement is available to you.

But you have NO idea how to make that your reality.

You spend time googling things like “Law of Attraction,” “How to Manifest a New Job” and “How to Boost Your Abundance and How to find my soul mate” but they all seem to shout the same artificial, surface-level advice that you’ve tried before.

These are bandaids not solutions.

 You’ve already paid for and tried other courses that promise to show you the easiest, quickest way to make a million, but you somehow never even make back your initial investment at the end of the course or it stops working as soon as it is over.

 Sound familiar? I will stop slowly pulling the Band-Aid off and get to it…

That used to be my reality.

I have studied countless courses, programs and masterminds, attended seminars and workshops, and spent 10s of thousands of dollars on anything that would make me feel better, evolve my souls and bring me what we wanted.

But still something was missing.

 What I realized, was that all of the answers I was looking  for were inside of me but there was still a disconnect on how to access it.

 Seriously, it’s the hard truth.


 We all have the wisdom we need to live an abundant life, but what we don’t have is the know-how to get to it and tap into it. That is why I created this course/system as a culmination of my own journey, channelings with Source and education for all that I have found to tap into Universal knowledge and infinite resources to unlock DNA coding and remove blocks to our freedom.

What you’ll see is that it isn’t magic. Even though it kinda is- and a fun way to look at it- but for real it is applicable science and Divine law.

 It’s letting those things work for you. You just need to know HOW to do that.

 Find Your $ Flow: The Complete Abundance System is here to show you exactly how to tap into your inner wisdom and unlock your DNA so that you can experience complete abundance in your finances, relationships,  love life, purpose and more!

What you Receive…


Total Value $Priceless

THE SYSTEM that has it all...

  • Module 1 – Digging Deep: What’s Your Story…Exploring your old money and love stories so that you can fully release it and clear any blocks. (Bonus Ritual!)

  • Module 2 – No Bandaid Necessary: Healing & Releasing Emotions…How to use visualization with movement and a deep exploration of your feelings to return to love and align your energy.

  • Module 3 – Tap that $hit Out: EFT with Angels and Masters: How to use the power of tapping guided with the support of Spirit to shift energy immediately and for good.

  • Module 4 – Seal the Deal: Sacred Contracts: Understanding your journey and getting clear with yourself, the Universe, and the people you have relationships with, so that you can unfold your path to freedom, purpose and prosperity.

  • Module 5 – Joy is Your Birthright: Happiness & High Vibes:Daily practices to invest in your love + happiness bank so that you can bring in abundance in all forms…including lots of money!

  • Module 6 – Attract Money Like Bees to Honey: Universal Laws & Money Mantras…Understanding how alignment relates to the Universal Law of Attraction, so that you can manifest what you want with ease.

  • Module 7 – Conscious Calendar: Creating Balance and Managing Your Energy through integrating an organized schedule that works for you.

  • Module 8 – It’s All Happening!: Guided Healing Visualizations & Meditations to connect with your Higher Self, Soul Mates (partners, friends and clients)

  • BONUS >> 1-1 Session with Jess for Healing Blocks & Abundance Activation


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I started the Find Your Flow System because I realized I had major money probs despite all of the work around mindset and the law of attraction that I had been doing over the past several years. I come from a family with intergenerational poverty and was the first in my family to go to college and start a career. Needless to say, I had some not so helpful beliefs about money. I thought I had overcome most of the limiting beliefs that I had around money, that is, until I started my own business. They all came back up with a vengeance and I felt like the rug had been ripped out from underneath me. I felt completely financially insecure, and was scared about how I would pay my bills and get to work. The Find Your Flow System helped me to uncover some limiting beliefs that I did not even know I had. What I love about this system is how it gently guides me to process the underlying emotional stuck-ness behind my beliefs (which is essential for manifesting what I want in life!). It is super accessible and easy to follow. Two weeks into working through this system, suddenly my schedule was completely full and I am going to have to quit my part time contracting job so I can make space for all of my new clients! I highly recommend this system to anyone that still feels stuck in same ol' money patterns or are feeling scared about lack of money! ~ N

I loved the worksheets they were really robust and allowed me to go deep in my money story. I really made conscious things I never was aware. I also really enjoyed Jess's videos especially the money channeling on day 5.  I have been listening to that often to keep me grounded. I felt like what Jess has created is more actionable than just think it and have it be true which never really creates the change you are looking for. ~ C


Are you ready to receive magic, money and miracles? YES!

We are “choice makers”-that is why we are “change makers”-everything - every day is a choice-like the Dave Mathews song Everyday where he sings “Lift me Up Love, everyday……we are here to tap into the everyday love and abundance and CHOOSE love.

The Universe can be filled with prosperity or it can be filled with pain and lack, the good news is you get to determine what you will believe in, tap into and grow as a positive and prosperous energy.

How can a challenge become a lesson of love and a blessing? A space to be inspired and to inspire is a choice of empowerment. Stuff is going to show up-you are having a human experience….but you are always and forever a spiritual being in that experience and have the choice to tap into what ultimately brings you joy. You are in control of you therefore you are in control of your abundant life.

The HOW is where we all tend to get stuck. This is why I put together this Abundance System for you.

Learn how to expand energy, space and time increasing your frequency to receive all you desire. You will be ignited and inspired to evolve your spirit and thrive. Gain simple and powerful energy tools unlocking your unlimited resources and potential.  Be brilliant and abundant attracting harmonious high vibe energies to create your flow.

Allow me to guide, empower and support your unfolding.

What are the two most important factors when it comes to shifting your mindset around your relationship with money, love and abundance and what you can do to make sure you are gaining positive momentum?

 Energy - #1 What are you focusing on?


When not aligned with your Truth and highest vibration of Self you drop your energy level below what you want to truly manifest.

Focus is how to set up your intentions based on your core desires and beliefs.

AND who is holding space for you? If the answer is no one-you absolutely need to change that today!

 Integration - #2 How are you setting up your day, life and biz? Daily Rituals.

Meditate -connect to your own Divine Power.

Know & Understand Your Priorities

Build your Lighthouse on rocks – not sand, Abundance needs a solid foundation which is created from daily practice.

Everything falls under these top 2 categories.

DO you want to surrender struggle and live a life illuminated with gold?

Good, then it’s GO time!

There are so many manifestation courses out there. Why should I choose you?

Duh, because of my epic wonder woman pose? lol, seriously though..

Yes! There are a million abundance courses out there.


But only ONE teaches you how to tap into the manifestation power you’ve always had so that you can welcome abundance into your life effectively, lovingly, and permanently.

AND this offers real live support with me to heal and activate.

 You don’t have to spend months digging through a course with so much information it leaves you running in circles

 You don’t have to dig through thousands upon thousands of opinions and advice on manifestation, all offering up a different way for you to look to an OUTSIDE resource to fulfill your INNER desires

 You don’t need a big fat bank account to buy all those abundance courses that leave you frustrated

You don’t have to lie every time someone rudely asks, “So how IS that manifestation thing going?” (just drive off in your new car, sending them love as you speed away) 

WARNING do not buy Find Your $ Flow if…

·      You don’t believe you can get real value from a program that cost less than $1,000

·      You are hoping for a get-rich-quick program

·      You don’t want all people to have freedom and prosperity

STOP EVERYTHING and get access to Find Your $ Flow now if…

·      You are ready to commit to prosperity and abundance so that you can have the abundance you deserve and desire

·      You are ready to let go of any pain you are holding onto and experience true freedom

·      You are ready to manifest with ease and unlock unconscious patterns that have been holding you back and leaving you feeling stuck


About your HOST + Success Stories!

Hello, I'm Jess

My mission is to help you master your energy and mindset to accelerating your gifts so you fall in love with your life and fulfill your purpose.

All humans want is to feel better or even better and I help you get there.

My Approach…

50% all sacred woo- energy healer, oracle and spiritual mentor. (Everything is energy-so we get your foundation strong here first.)

50% all strategy - consulting for life and business to accomplish your goals! (Integration is required to maintain momentum for your desires)

My commitment is to help you cure doubt and embody your sacred power as a LightLeader.

This is what you were born for, remember you chose this life to lead with your light and leave a legacy.

"Jessica is my secret weapon. Her trusted guidance saves me time, money and mistakes. She is an invaluable resource to my life and business! She catches all the blindspots and I always feel amazing after our sessions."  

Me and Kimra 2.jpeg

“Jessica Valor is my Go-To Goddess when it comes to teaching people how to grow a conscious centered empire. She's a Master at helping you tap into your gifts and use them to your best abilities. She will catch your blind spots and is invaluable for your ventures.

Her coaching and courses will bring you to a level of ascended healing and alignment so that your business and life can thrive.” Kimra Luna (Branding Expert & Business Strategist)


Imagine, looking at your self in the mirror and thinking "I did it, it all worked out."

AND you stand in celebration that you have the capacity to live in the fullest expression of yourself. You are gifted, powerful, beautiful and necessary and I support your rising sovereignty. 

I will help you achieve these moments on your journey by holding Sacred Space for you to take bold - brave action to realize your dreams. 

Ascend Your Energy & Evolve Your Soul

Success Stories 


I deeply love my clients and am so proud of the results they all achieve in our working together. 

I have mentored, trained and spiritually guided thousands of clients to own their power, commit to their purpose and create lives and business that completely fulfill them. 

Most of my clients work with me to learn how to deeply trust their intuition, experience soulful relationships with themselves and others and expand a succesful empire.

My clients all feel deeply connected to Spirit, cut the doubt in their mind, are grounded, happy and have five, six and seven figure + businesses. 


Here are just a few examples... 

  • N - Jessica has a very loving and healing presence and is able to help me move through blocks that I have had my whole life. After having healings with Jess, my energy and life has completely shifted and I now am able to be more joyful and abundant.

  • J - I have worked with a ton of coaches, mentors and professionals on my journey and Jessica Valor is the real deal! I am amazed at her gifts and talents and her ability to tune into a higher source and use that information to help and serve her clients is first class.

  • H - Jessica is not just a coach, a muse, a healer, she is truly an Earth Angel. To work with her, to speak with her and to be in her presence is an absolute honor and life changing! When I meet with her I notice an immediate shift in my energy. As a healer myself, I so desperately need a refuge and a safe place I can go to clear out my energy and see clearly and to choose love. Jessica is that person.

  • I - Jessica is one of the most phenomenal people I have ever worked with. She completely shifted my mental and emotional state and helped me to unblock things that I was stuck in for DECADES. She is supremely talented, kind, compassionate and so generous with her time and gifts.


Invest in Yourself

When you commit to your TRUE desires as a LightLeader, everything begins to align for you. 

When you let go of what's not working, you allow yourself to lead with love– opening the doors to witness the miracles unfolding!

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"Jessica radiates with loving clairvoyance. Her approach to healing is ambitious, committed and empowering. She carries herself in such a raw, passionate manner that you immediately become energized in her presence. She is a beautiful, loving conduit for the divine energy. Whatever guidance you are seeking, look no further." — Heather Regan ~ Soul Centered Psychotherapist