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~ THE Sacred Space for LightLeaders

 Welcome LightLeader to THE mastermind that offers you ALL things you need to create impact, reach more people, share your message and increase income by developing a customized strategy for your business so you can change the world and have fun doing it!

Want to know the fastest way to achieve your version of success with soulmate clients and the abundant lifestyle you desire?  >>> It’s energy alignment + soulful strategies + integration plan. 

Meet Your Mentor

Jessica Valor (master Energy Healer + Biz Strategist)



Master Your Mindset


Build Your Brand


Create a Movement with Your Message


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What do you get when you combine a Master Energy Healer + A Visionary Strategic Leader? You get a team who has your back to grow an abundant and conscious business that creates impact in the world. 

You are in the new era of leadership which requires integration + illumination for your brand to be successful. Together we offer implementation support to help you build and launch a successful business faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

We have created a model for the new paradigm so you achieve your goals strategically and fulfill your purpose. (with no cookie cutter methods- we promise)

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2019 Mastermind Members

Lean into why they are excited to be 2019 members!

“I heard great things about Jessica and her work so I decided to schedule a 2-hour strategy session with her. After the session, I was extremely satisfied and surprised on how much we were able to accomplish is such a short amount of time! The direction on where to take my personal brand and business became much more clear and after that it sprung me into action. I highly recommend working with her if you want to see your business take quantum leaps! My 2019 goals are to start my life purpose business, scale my personal brand successfully via podcast, Instagram, Youtube, earn a full-time income coaching and mentoring, consistent with all my work and not get sidetracked, and I believe ABM will hep me with these specific goals because of the accountability, clarity and quality network of people I'll be working with. I joined for the support, network, accountability, and new golden nuggets I know I'll gain throughout the year.” ~ Zach Babiarz ~ Coach, Podcast Host

“Working with Jessica is a well rounded, grounded, spiritual approach. Whether it is energy work and healing or business strategy, Jessica is there with an open heart and open arms to guide and lead me through. She is powerful and takes a stand for you to succeed. She is a dear friend and mentor and love our time together. I love the balance of spiritual work and business work that happens inside of this container. I am excited to continue my growth in all areas of life. Last year was a lot about my own personal healing after having my second child. Now I am ready to navigate my next business successes and scale.” ~ Elyse - Healer & Spiritual Teacher

“Jessica has been an incredible support and guide for me this past year as I delve into the brave journey of starting my coaching business. Her experience in both spiritual guidance and spot on business strategy is a beautifully effective combination that has helped me align myself and my business together as one. I have greatly needed and appreciated her personal approach and accessibility to quick feedback. Her business knowledge and skills are vast and she teaches in a way that is loving and motivating. I have grown in bravery, confidence, and trust in myself since working with her. It has been a gift to have such a committed, loving, friend as a teacher and guide.”

I joined the 2019 ABM because I do not want to grow my coaching business alone and I am done with struggling I went through in the past.I now realize that trying to figure it all out on my own is limiting and lonely. I am most excited about transcending my doubt and flowing into possibilities with the support of Jess, Ronnie and the other ABM members.” ~ Sarah - Life Coach

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“This was the best conference (Success Tsunami) I have ever attended!!!!! The knowledge that I received was priceless not to mention the entertainment was phenomenal. I've never attended a conference with a balance of both. You rock Ronnie Tsunami!!!!!!!!!!!!” - Gina Lucas

"Jess is an alignment wizard who will call your soul... to trust your birthright reality: That you are loved, that you are a co-creator with a divine right to be here. That your message and your light matters. That there is no time to waste limiting yourself! Own it!" ~ Natalie Foster of True Self institute and 2018 Mastermind Member

2 Levels to choose from

  • Level 2- 12 Month Mastermind with 1-1 Monthly Session

  • Level 1- 12 Month Mastermind

apply now!!!

Space is Limited for an intimate experience, laser focus + accountability 

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“Jessica Valor is my go-to Goddess when it comes to teaching people how to grow a spiritually based business. She's a master at helping you tap into your gifts and use them to your best abilities. Her coaching and courses will bring you to the level ascended healing and alignment that you need to be at so your business and life can thrive.” ~ Kimra Luna

Imagine... feeling confident and aligned with a brand that creates a movement with your message. 
This is the kind of year we envision for you. 

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Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Sacred Biz Owners











Social media experts


Mission driven, purpose fulfilling LightLeaders
who have a story to tell and  message to share.

This is for you if you want to... 

  • position and package your offerings and develop a campaign

  • Successfully launch Your offer (course, program or product, go fund me, podcast, etc.)

  • gain soul mate clients - learn how to effectively reach your target market

  • save time, money and energy -resources and 1-1 support all in place (this is not a course-it is Real consulting!)

  • grow locally and On Social Media Platforms

  • Storytelling - Learn how to leverage your stories to connect with your Audience and ideal clients

  • Master your mindset & align with your True purpose/vision

  • create a visibility strategy for your offerings (MEDIA! show, services, products, Podcast, Videos, etc.)

  • be organized, create a custom system & sales funnel  to build a strong foundation (more time + more $)

  • build a brand that Converts - laser feedback and strategy for your messaging and image

Workshops through year

  • Content Creation Strategy + System to Stay Organized and in front of your audience

  • Key Note Speech Framework and Styling

  • Legal Love- make sure you are covered

  • Storytelling & Marketing Strategies to convert clients

  • create a visibility strategy for your offerings (MEDIA! show, services, products, Podcast, Videos, etc.)

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Mastermind Elements + Your Options

January 2019-December 2019

Level 2 - Everything + 1-1 with Jessica for business consulting monthly

  • $8,500 pay in full or payments $730

Level 1 - 12 months of group support + receive everything below

  • $6,500 pay in full or payments of $557

  • Two Hour LIVE Group Coaching Call & Hot Seat with Ronnie & Jessica – every month (business coaching & feedback)

  • Energy Alignment/Mindset & Group Call - every month (60 minutes) to stay focused & feeling high vibe so your momentum stays strong

  • VIP 2-day Mastermind Intensive - Atlanta February 8th & 9th

    • Brand Clarity - Create a clear image and plan to convert clients

    • Launch Strategy - Map out your year for signature offerings

    • Develop Sales Funnel - Design cashflow projection to meet your goals

    • Integration Plan - Accelerate your year

    • Create a Sales Strategy- Serve your clients with your unique message

    • Branding Headshots - 2 photos included

  • Private FB group

    • (Weekly Office hours for your business questions, laser coaching and feedback, energy check ins, support & celebrate your wins)

  • June Check in private 1-1 session (60 minutes)

  • Business Online Course Library with topics covering product launches, social media marketing, list building, Facebook ads. 

  • Business Template Library with standard business templates such as a coaching agreement, business concept plan, and joint venture agreement.

  • 15% Discount on Implementation Services such as website design, logo creation and branding, online course development, and social media management.

  • Accountability (group support and organizing tools) 

  • Develop your Business Portfolio(Layout and worksheets provided for you everything from budgeting to, Sacred Why, Branding, Strategy, Funnel, Your journey and so much more..(templates provide for you

  • Upgrade your energy and your business to the highest level (alignment in the vortex) 

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Investment Options

Level 2 $8,500 pay in full or payments $730

Level 1 $6,500 pay in full or payments of $557

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Why US?
Why Now?

Jessica Valor is an inspirational speaker, healer and mentor who delivers her programs to thousands of women, men and entrepreneurs every year on the topics of conscious leadership, intuitive intelligence and personal development. Jessica is a clear and powerful conduit for High-level Spirits. She awakened to the strengths of her clairvoyant, healing gifts in 2011 after her own "near-death experience" where she met with a council of Ascended Masters and returned to life to help the world heal and move through ascension. She helps individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations connect to their inner wisdom and higher levels of awareness to craft the life or business they truly desire. She loves empowering your intuitive abilities and dream visions, bringing forward your best ideas and desired outcomes.
Jessica believes we all have a deep knowing of who we are and what we want - with a little guidance and awakening, we are empowered to THRIVE. Today, Jessica resides in Atlanta, Ga with her family and friends. She has a fur baby, Monji who she adores. When not inspiring thousands of leaders she is found as a domestic Goddess cooking, creating rituals, practicing yoga and of course singing and dancing to her favorite songs. She loves helping her clients rise to their highest potentials and building the foundation of #teamlove to help those in need.

2018 Mastermind Alumni Success Stories

Elyse Falzone.jpg

Jessica is a rockstar at her work. She never holds back, is willing to get in the thick of it to support and she holds incredible space and illuminated light to all who work with her. I love her passion and intensity and she is the ultimate cheerleader for my work and her clients work as well. ~ Elyse Falzone ~ Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach (2018 and 2019 Mastermind Member)


"In one month- opened my doors to my own unique spiritual business, claimed my me-ness, and began implementing real action steps! I now have 8 clients and expanding!

I built a website, an email list, and started a newsletter. Created a successful monthly networking group for other healing professionals and resolved self doubt issues around stepping into my power as a change maker and Light leader in my community, owning my true self in my work, life, and biz.

Plus, my relationship is in a great place to boot partly due to me honoring my true self needs and growing up into a mature woman who trusts her intuition and believes in herself.” ~ Natalie Foster of True Self institute and 2018 Mastermind Member


“Jess is one of the hardest working humans I know! She is wonderfully organized and very intelligent. If you have never had someone hold space for you, Jess is the epitome. Open your heart and be ready to be overwhelmed by love.” ~ Anjanette Conway ~ Spiritual Life Coach


Working with Jessica has been transformative. I have had the privilege to work with Jessica personally and professionally with her healing sessions and business mastermind. The changes I have noticed in both areas of my life have opened up exponentially from personal healing to new business growth. Jessica has a true gift to give to others. ~ Kathryn Vigness ~ Author and Life Coach

“I deeply appreciate the energy and confidence that Jessica brings to every interaction we've had in healings, readings, and business coaching. She pushes me to get behind myself and trust in my own greatness. Jessica is excellent at holding me accountable and honoring my process. Her genuine care and insights are empowering and have helped me trust in my ability to create my business and step into and be the healer that I have come here to be. Sincerely grateful and blessed to be working with such an incredible woman who gives her all for each and everyone of us.” ~ Sarah Crawford ~ Transformational Life Coach (2018 + 2019 Mastermind Member)

“I love working with Jessica. She has a huge heart! She has helped me move beyond my comfort zone and stand up for myself. She also knows just how to help when I get stuck, with a gentle, loving 'kick in the butt' I was able to manifest a raise, work from home and heal major block in my life and business! I am empowered in my gifts as a healer now and offering workshops, private sessions and growing my email list!” ~ Debbie ~ Emotional Healing Practitioner

 We will help you design your dream business!

We will see you soon LightLeader!