Welcome to the Prayer Wall

Have you ever looked up at the sun, moon or stars and wondered if anyone hears your prayers? We do and we are.

You are held, loved and cherished.

I would be honored to pray over you, your requests and send infinite blessings of love your way. Like the sun, moon, and stars, we are all in this together and my greatest wish is that you KNOW you are not alone.

Submit your prayer request below and you will receive a video with love, guidance and a blessing prayer. As receive many requests, please allow us time to process your prayer.

I record a video weekly for the prayers I receive so you will always feel supported in your journey. I am here for you. ALWAYS.

Stay connected & supported with us in The Collective to activate your desired prayers into reality HERE.

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How you can submit your Prayer Requests

Often requests are similar in nature around wanting to feel better and let go of doubt, low self-worth, lack, scarcity, illness and a deep desire to experience more love. We all want to feel fulfilled and connected…and in a disconnected world, it’s our mission to show up and make sure you KNOW you are not alone.

Know exactly what your need? Great! Fire away! OR you can read a few requests below and watch the video if you want ideas for your submission.

My question for your prayer request is this: Where are you now? How do you feel now? Then reverse it: Where do you want to be and how do you want to feel?

A few examples:

  • Jess, I have a hard time believing in myself. I feel like I have only been surviving since my abusive childhood and I don’t even know where to start to climb out of that mentality. Could you please ask for this to shift for me? I want to feel clear and like I can breathe again. ~Amy

  • Jess, I want to meet the love of my life and I am really scared to put myself out there. So many emotions creep in to tell me it’s never going to happen. ~Melissa

  • Jess, I don’t feel pretty and, like, people will not accept me because of my skin color and extra weight. I don’t know how to get past feeling so depressed and alone. ~Sarah

    • BTW- this one makes me so sad - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  • Jess I feel so insignificant, like I will never succeed no matter what I do and that I am not supported. I just don’t want to feel so alone anymore. ~Tara

    As you may see, often we feel the same but are experiencing our own stories. I’ve learned that community is the gateway to healing the past and embracing your future.

Submit Your Prayer Request Here!
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There is no prayer request too big or small so Please share your heart’s true desires

It can be anything from manifesting love, a new job, a way out of debt or support for the next best step. Your prayer is your prayer and we will ask that you Receive the Blessings for your Heart’s True Desires.

Your Prayer can be for you or someone else or both. Truly any request that is based in love for you and another, we will bless and hold space for you.

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the Universe is opening all of the doors for you!