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(There are special gifts!) 


register by June 15th!

A SOulful Journey for women who Inspire, Love & Lead

Private Transformational And Healing Retreat at Mt. Shasta California

August 23rd-27th, 2017

Limited to 10 women (7 spots still open!)

(4 nights at a luxury home with spectacular mountain and lake views)

A Divine Mastermind and Ascension Experience

Align      Ascend       Receive

This one-week retreat focuses on your soul’s journey. It gives you permission to relax, expand and create freedom and alignment for what is next for you. This is a sacred space and a magical container for you to fully attune your energy at one of the most powerful sacred sites and vortexes in the world. 

Let’s align your heart and higher-self energy with your level of leadership. This is a space for women, sisterhood and Divine goddesses who want to align with your highest vision and ground your intentions with focus and pure clarity. 

You will work on healing all doubts or any fears that have ever held you back from rising to your highest space of living and serving in your heart's desires. You will be held, loved and lifted like never before. 

This will absolutely change your life forever. 

welcome to your Sacred healing Retreat


Within this container of support and Divine guidance you will find deep freedom, commit to your soul's purpose and embrace your full potential by creating your Divine Star roadmap. You will ground your Blueprint into the Earth's energy fields. 


Take this journey with other like-minded soul sisters andleave this retreat feeling fulfilled and more attuned with your Higher Self. You will not leave with a million to do's but with clarity and a deep peace of mind and rejuvenation. We will be working with the vortex energy of Mt. Shasta and the New Earth energies so you may connect with your highest potential. Jessica will offer hands on and ascended group healings each day helping you feel better than ever. 


We will explore limiting beliefs, cords and patterns from this life and your past lives to let go of what no longer servers you so nothing is ever in the way of what you want again. You will learn how to live in the vortex and in a sustainable lifestyle that works for you verses against you. Say goodbye to all limitations. 


My intent is to hold you and your intentions in such a deep and loving way that you will experience a new found freedom to connect with your inner Goddess and embrace your sacred heart. We will explore creative inspirations to feed every part of you as a woman, leader and Sacred Divine soul. 


This is a sisterhood where we create lifelong bonds in soulful and elevated friendships. 


This is a time to slow down and fill your well with love, nurturing and Divine inspirations and connections. When you relax, you transcend and soften so you may better connect with your inner Goddess and wisdom. This unique opportunity will help you open your heart and ascend your energy, feeling better than ever before. 

 what You will receive

  • Daily Yoga & Kundalini Yoga (mix of both) 
  • Sound Healing 
    • Group ceremonies & creative activities 
    • Special Gift Bag
    • Sacred Site Tour (paid for seperately) 
    • Free time for fun, relaxing and connecting! (crystal shopping, hiking, local tourism,  etc.)
    • Lifelong friendships and soulful connections with like minded sisters 
    • Opening Morning meditations
    • Sacred Ceremonies & Fireside Circles
    • Hands on Live Private Healing Session with    Jessica Valor (customized for you)
    • Ascended Healing private training techniques (accelerate your intuition/ healing gifts- workshop style) 
    • Vortex healing, ascension attunements 
    • Private Kitchen to share, all meals provided, some meals created together and some are preapred for you


    How it flows: After arriving at your luxury retreat lodge in Mt Shasta, California, I will greet you with my co-host, and we will enjoy the late afternoon and evening settling in and each person will receive a channeled blessing from me and custom goddess gift bag. We will have an evening ceremony and dinner together. (You may arrive by noon.)

    Each day we will enjoy morning yoga and meditation/healing journey for your soul's expansion. There will be three workshops for ascended healing techniques (training, attunements, alignment for your life and vision, vortex healing and more.) Each guest will receive a one-hour private, hands-on healing and activation session with Jessica. The private sessions will be offered during free time right after lunch. 

    I will call upon your Spirit guides and deliver a channeled message just for you and your time for our week together. You will FEEL the presence of Spirit all around you - lifting you up. Then you will receive a hands-on private quantum healing from me, and we will clear all lower energies, fears and obstacles in your way. 

    This intimate-customized experience is designed for those who have invested in developing their authenticity and Divine purpose. Those who are ready to answer the deep call and take everything in their life to the highest level. We will focus on your ultimate alignment and contribution for yourself and the world.

    Your sacred experience also includes...

    • A group call to connect in sacred sisterhood  and create a powerful vortex to prepare and attune before the retreat-one month prior. 
    • A private Facebook group as soon as you register to connect, encourage and support one another. 

    About Mt. Shasta: Mt. Shasta is a magical vortex and power source offering direct connection to Universal and New Earth energies. Be embraced in this magical and pure energy so you may ascend your energy and deeply relax. 

    The Retreat Lodge: Mt Shasta Majestic Retreat - Luxury Log Home with breathtaking Views of Mt Shasta & Lake Siskiyou. This 7600 sq ft Pioneer Log Home, 3 level luxury cabin, 1700 sq ft deck - is situated on 55 acres at 4000 ft elevation in the midst of pines, oaks and dogwoods with breathtaking views. Has been featured on tv shows. 

    Your Rooms: Elegant shared space. (4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms)Rooms will be assigned upon arrival. 

    Meals included: All Meals included-dinner first night, breakfast/lunch/dinner each following day and breakfast on day departing. All gluten free. Other dietary needs will be accommodated in advance. We will have some wine for those who want it :) 


    Yes, I am ready to ascend and Receive! 

    register by June 15th!

    *meals and private retreat home-shared elegant space (4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms)- all included*

    *airfare and transportation is not included (closest airport is in Redding CA or Medford OR*

    The TRUTH

    Your soul wants to dance and experience Divine alchemy. 

    You are a woman who leads. 

    Women who lead need and desire fulfillment and often do not stand fiercely in their alignment and tend to sacrifice themselves. The world needs you to feel free so we may all heal and be set free. 

    Say Yes to YOU and join us in the powerful vortex of ascended light and love. 

    You more than deserve this!

    Your Spiritual guide, healer, oracle

    Jessica Valor  is an Oracle, international Medium,Healer, Spiritual Coach and Leadership Mentor. Jessica supports individuals,entrepreneurs and organizations in connecting to their inner wisdom and higher levels of awareness in order to help them craft their uniquely inspired life and leadership roles during this powerful time of ascension. She is forward thinking and empowers you to strengthen your authenticity, personal power and connect to your intuition. She is dedicated to your personal growth, Self-love and success for manifesting your desires and fulfilling your purpose. 

    Jessica loves supporting and empowering you to understand and believe in your Divine Magic! 

    Message from me: I was called by Spirit & many women to create this beautiful space. And so it is. It is my honor to guide and love you. We will have so much fun while exploring your wisdom and truth and experience freedom by living an inspired and confident life together as a sisterhood of women who lead. I want all women to connect with their inner muse and shine their Goddess light. Together we are powerful. I love you~ Jessica Valor


    Register by June 15th!

    All sales are final. You may transfer your spot through June 15th.

    Through June 15th: There are no refunds, but you may transfer your paid spot to another woman, sending an adult friend or family member to the retreat in your place, for a $300 administration fee (to be paid by the original attendee).

    If the retreat is sold-out and you are unable to find someone to take your place, we will invite someone from our waitlist; If we are able to find a replacement, we will refund the amount paid minus a $300 administration fee.

    After June15th: There are no transfers.


    "From the moment I walked into the space, I felt safe and grounded and a spirit of love. She was so on point in where my spirit and head were at and gave me such great tools to help keep me grounded. I felt held to ask questions about things I was uncertain about, whether they were questions I had about things going on in my life or whether it was clarification about something she had mentioned.
    I felt such gratitude after our session, a lightness and clearing away of energy that was holding me back and clarity on how to best move forward. I loved the shift I felt within and without! ~  Jen Cendaña Armas
    “I feel I can’t possibly put into words how amazingly talented, loving and intuitive Jessica is and how valuable her coaching has been for me. Her Intuitive soul coaching session tapped into EXACTLY what was going on in my life and helped me clear the obstacles I had been facing for years. I have never experienced more insight, wisdom, clarity, and love from a coach before. Her coaching is a priceless gift that I will be forever grateful for. ~Victoria Cattell Bass
    “Booking a session with Jessica had to be one of the best decisions I could’ve of made. Prior to our session I felt powerless to the spiritual experience I was having. She was able to answer my questions and give me practical yet extremely effective ways on how to cleanse and protect my energy. I felt immediate relief after she performed energy work on me and continue to enjoy the effects. If you are sensitive to energy, having a spiritual experience you can’t understand, or need energy clearing among many other things, I highly recommend Jessica. Being able to go to bed without worries and know that I have the power over my experiences is priceless. ~ Rosalie Tolentino
    “Working with Jessica for my energy clearing was a such a beautiful experience. I have never been read before or had any idea of what to expect. Jessica guided me safely to a wonderful space that I was able to not only learn more about myself but helped me release the blocks that I needed. It was a life changing experience for me because it helped me gain insight to another layer of myself. Jessica has a beautiful gift. Thank you so much! ~ Vanessa Barios
    “I had an amazing intuitive session with Jessica! She explained that she meditates and pulls cards prior, which I really appreciated and liked that she was “all in” from the start. Right away she channeled into the fact that I was in an energy crisis! I was spewing it out like a fountain and exhausting my resources. She honed into that and through her gifts of working with spirit, we moved through how to realign in a way that serves me and others. In the month that has passed since our session, many of the projections made have become reality or on point to do so. Jessica moves fast and really dives into what you need! Really enjoyed my time with Jessica! ~ Danielle Mercurio