What if your home or business space was a source of inspiration, peace and prosperity?  

Alchemy, is the soul's greatest expression. Let's create a space you adore that expresses your true magic where you always feel inspired, happy and free.  

Sacred Space ~ Sacred Heart


Do you struggle to find time to feel organized and be in the flow of life? 

Do you want to create a sacred space and have no idea how or simply want support for the process?  

Do you scroll Pinterest and love all the ideas but have no idea how to pull it all together? 

Do you envy the images you see online with those perfectly designed spaces? 

Do you want to create a sacred alter or meditation space but no clue where to start?

Could clutter be holding you back from what you really want in life or business? 

You deserve to enjoy a High Vibe space that keeps you feeling connected and aligned. 

How it works

Sacred Space Design for Home or Business

Sacred Space Design offers an intuitive, transformational and real eye for beauty approach supporting you to create a home or office that is comfortable, sustainable and uplifting. 

Start with Intuitive Consultation: I will provide you with an intuitive reading for your home or office to help you shift energy, suggestions around placement and organization, decor ideas and how to harmonize your space. These sessions offer an alchemy alignment to start manifesting your dreams and create a nourishing environment for your life and business. (Summary provided via email, if virtual- recording provided).  

After your intuitive consultation...it's all up to you! 

  • We can design your whole home or office.

  • We can start with one room.

  • We can focus on suggestions for you to DIY and me as your intuitive guide.

  • Other add on options for your custom package: Space clearing & Angel blessings, in home energy healing/spiritual guidance for you and family, intuitive alter creation/design, customized ritual book for ultimate self love and manifesting and a sacred space box created by me(includes all your essentials for a High Vibe space).

  • Also available for events and workshops.

Wherever you go, there you are - so why not make it beautiful? 

Once you book, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your session. 

This is a Special Introductory Pricing- offer ends soon!

Get in NOW! 

A super fun gift for someone you love too! 

Sacred SPace Design Benefits

  • Creative Ideas that support your style

  • Connect with your Inner Alchemist to bring your dreams and vision to life

  • Moral support for ideas and letting go of what no longer serves you

  • Sustainable Household (Environmentally friendly)

  • Learn your style of minimalism (it is different for everyone) It's not about getting rid of stuff but about how you really want to live.

  • Gain knowledge about crystals,oils and other energy cleansing resources for your space

  • Organization for ultimate flow so you are never held back in any area of life and have plenty of YOU time

  • Expert energy flow advice so you can de-clutter and live with ease

  • Become more of who you want to be now

  • Express all parts of your soul

  • Learn about Angels that support your space

  • Feel free, happy and aligned

  • Receive more inflow of money (Peace & Prosperity)

  • Learn your unique style of energy flow


“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” ― Marie Kondō


Do I need Sacred Space Design?

Who doesn't? We can all use a dose of fresh energy and outside eye to support our vision and rejuvenation!  We all need healings, guidance and blessings too! Every single one of us. 

What is the investment for Sacred Space Design?

  • Initial Consultation is $300 for 60 minute session (in person or virtual). This includes a 20 mile radius -if over will be an additional travel charge of $40 for onsite up to 60 miles in radius.

  • After your initial consultation which provides my sacred space suggestions we will determine a customized package that will best serve your needs and desired outcomes. Prices vary depending on your needs.

  • Custom design process involves a few in person meetings (onsite or virtual), shopping trips and we will create a Pinterest board for your sacred space.

What locations are Sacred Space design available? 

  • I offer local in person - Atlanta, GA (and surrounding suburbs)

  • I offer virtual support- so can work with you anywhere in the world.

  • I am open to traveling if you have a larger project that requires me in person. (quoted per project)

Why ME? 

Ok, so I have been doing this for friends for years for free. I am the guest who wants to go through your cabinets and closets and organize everything and bust out the sage and crystals and start calling in Angels to cleanse and bless your home. Yep, that's me! All my friends want me to help them with placement, decor placement, shopping, crystals and energy tools, creating alters, expert energy advice and so on.

I am eclectic and clean, uber-organized and thrive on efficiency. I am able to read and see energies, to intuitively design a space that is all about YOU and your family and make it SO Beautiful. I lead with a compassionate heart, because creating your sacred space-although fun is not always easy-and I have your back! 

Recently, my best friend suggested I offer this as a service because I love it and am really good at it. And so it is! :) So you can thank Tracy!  I LOVE doing this, can you tell? 

Ready to learn your unique style or bring it even more to life? 


"It is my honor to share how amazing Jessica Valor is. Jessica is not just a coach, a muse, a healer, she is truly an Earth Angel. To work with her, to speak with her and to be in her presence is an absolute honor and life changing! When I meet with her I notice an immediate shift in my energy. As a healer myself, I so desperately need a refuge and a safe place I can go to clear out my energy and see clearly and to choose love. Jessica is that person."   ~ Heather Regan  Soul Centered Psychotherapist