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Jess offers a seamless support system customized with lots of love, spiritual guidance and real life + biz strategy to get you where you want to be. Her toolbox and resources are amazing, never-ending and she supports me fully with love at every phase of life and biz! She is an incarnated angel and shares her relationship with Spirit-freely and lovingly. She truly wants everyone to experience their best life and feel loved and healed. ~ Tracy Chartier


I am so grateful and honored to serve beautiful souls and intuitive thought leaders! My purpose is supporting you to Embrace Your Power and Bring Forward Your Divine Magic in life and business!

I love you ~ Jessica Valor


HEALING & BUSINESS I was looking for a business mentor who understood what it meant to have my business aligned with my spiritual practice. Jessica not only had a deep sense of holistic entrepreneurship, she has walked her talk, and through her own trial and triumphs, developed powerful structures that immediately resonated with my worldview and ways of running energy through my soul's calling and work. She fluidly integrated a tarot card reading or angelic meditation and elemental clearing through a marketing strategy or foundational structure that shifted root issues and dissolved blocks on all levels of my being and self-expression. She is super gifted and hits the nail on the head each time. I am a member of Jessica’s Ascension Business Mastermind and receive forecast readings and energy healings.

Working with Jessica, I have gained clarity about the overall health and state of my business, what foundational pieces are needed and filling in those needs with clear examples, strategies, and webinars, energy shifts and dissolving limits that may impact business endeavors as well, and feeling so loved, encouraged, and reassured to stretch, grow, and take risks. ~ Loraine Van Tuyl – PhD, CHT, Holistic Psychologist, Depth Hypnosis & Shamanic Practitioner,The Sacred Healing Well , Author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper

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HEALING:" Jessica Valor is truly one of the greats and is an impeccable channel. I trust her guidance of the high truth and compassion specifically for my own readings as a medium myself. If your looking for authentic guidance and sense of purpose & direction, I endlessly recommenced working with Jessica."~Emily Aube'  ~ Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Coach, Author, Speaker, Writer


HEALING & BUSINESS: Jessica is a powerful straight forward coach & business mentor. She helps me to get things done! She also brings love and integrity to every session, so I feel so supported in taking steps forward. I have received business mentoring, readings, healings and forecasts and have been a client for over a year and continuing to work with her into 2020.

 When I start to doubt my mission or even myself I catch myself quickly because Jessica has brought me into her sphere of love and I know the truth - my mission is important and that I am LOVE.

 I have gained confidence in networking and sharing my message. Jessica coached me to have a clear message on who I am and what I do, and general confidence in connecting with others.

 Jessica has been instrumental in supporting me in publishing my book, owning my power, feeling confident in myself and helping other women with my message and as a healer.

 She holds space for me that my story is important, and it will help women feel supported and understood in their health journey to improve, maintain and advocate for their health. ~ Sharon Permack - Healer, Health Coach, Author of Millions of Knots


HEALING: Words cannot begin to describe how important this woman is to me. She is such a beautiful spirit and REMARKABLY gifted healer. A healing session with her will change your life. 100%. I am so blessed and lucky to met her and know her and be friends with her. When I tell you she is gifted, she brought in masters and angels that there was NO WAY she knew I had previously asked to come in. She guided me on a meditation that changed my viewpoints and perspectives and that allowed me to know what true healing is. So follow her and book a session if you want to change your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine. ~ Andrew Barker - Card Reader, Medium, Oracle Deck Creator of Angels & FBombs


HEALING: Jessica is my most trusted healer. She is divinely guided on an extraordinary level. I feel I have more clarity with my vision and mission. Jessica's approach to healing is grounded, powerful and extremely intentional. I would recommend Jessica when you are looking to remove blocks, heal from your past and create a vortex of energy for your life and business. Elyse Falzone - Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach

BUSINESS: Jessica is a "no fluff" mentor and this helps her direction to be clear and focused. This, in turn, supported me in getting great clarity on my next steps in business. I always feel held in a safe container throughout my time with Jessica. She is grounded in business and elevated with Spirit. This is a perfect blend for growing any business. Thank you Jessica for your dedication to your work and for sharing your knowledge and expertise to up level my experience in life and business. My biggest takeaways were organization and action. I would highly recommend working with Jessica to help you grow and expand your business. She has the ability to intuitively tap into your vision and mission and help you break it down and get you set up to actually achieve it. ~Elyse Falzone

HEALING & READING: “I was so impressed with Jessica and her non-biased, grounding energy. She was a beautiful medium to the tapping into my deeper seas of consciousness. It was my first energy work experience and I feel like it was very medicinal to my life overall. I am very grateful for the work she does and that we crossed paths to spark this possibility. I feel a deeper connection to my soul & spirit. I am now in alignment with my chakras so I can be in my own power and am fostering the growth of non-judgement and release, allowing more personal and spiritual freedom. Also, I am now accessing deep-rooted levels of my subconscious mind that I haven't been able to uncover by myself. Jess, I appreciate your genuine essence so much and am so very grateful for everything that you are!” ~ Sarah Petals


BUSINESS & HEALING “The healing sessions were amazing. She is incredibly connected and talented. The healing sessions shifted my energy and life in a powerful way! In the Business VIP Day, I learned more about myself and how I operate. I learned more about messaging and what language to use. I learned the importance of organization.” ~ Andrew Wright - Doctor of Chiropractic at AVO in Atlanta

In the VIP day we covered messaging, brand communication, planning, productivity, employee relations, fee structures for yoga classes, cash flow projections, budgeting, networking and a media plan of action to grow business locally.

My biggest take-away working with Jess would be fully trusting in myself, my gifts and fully owning my power to transform lives.

HEALING: I felt super light, calm and full of love. If you feel you have some deep rooted tramuas that have been hard to shake, then you NEED a session with Jessica. She creates a space like no other. You will come feeling like a new person!  

BUSINESS: “The ABM mastermind was amazing! It was so cool to connect with like-minded people who are on a similar path of growth and fulfillment. At the mastermind I got the direction and support I needed to launch my coaching business. I was able to gain clarity on my offerings, how to run my YouTube channel as well as how to share my poetry with the world.

 Jessica has a gift for filling in the gaps of your business, bringing clarity and setting a solid foundation so you can share your gifts with the world. After the mastermind instead of feeling burnt out I felt FULL of energy and inspiration to get started on my business! If you’re thinking about working with Jessica, look no further, book in with her right now and find out for yourself the magic she brings to the table!”

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BUSINESS: Working with Jessica allows me to deeply trust my intuition, experience soulful relationships with myself and others and strategize my why. She offers a flawless support system with a highly customized tool box of resources full of love, spiritual guidance, and real-life business strategies to get you where you want to be. She has helped me craft my keynote speech, a 10 minute style version, speaker reel and page and one sheet to get booked as a speaker.

HEALING: Her healing helps me become fully aware of my true self. I went from being lonely to fully understanding why I had no longer had to remain in solitude. I learned to love myself more and not be an approval addict to others. I learned to trust myself and shine white light onto others. She will guide you in leading an extraordinary life instead of a mediocre life. ~ Sandra Rocourt ~ Speaker, Author and Coach

BUSINESS & HEALING:Working with Jessica is amazing. As both my healer and business coach, she has helped me grow both professionally and personally. She provides amazing support and gives great advice. She helped me hone in on what I need to do to improve my package and pricing for my business. She offers great ideas and feedback and practical steps on how to implement it. She makes me feel empowered and not overwhelmed.

I would absolutely recommend Jessica as a business coach and a healer because she is knowledgeable, motivated, and really cares about her clients. She will spend the time necessary with you to hammer out even the smallest details. And she's your biggest cheerleader. She makes great connections for clients. I increased my confidence as a business owner, developed a new mindset about sales and she even offered me direct referrals for new clients.” ~ Brittany Bremer - Videographer B Storied


“Real talk. Working for yourself is awesome. BUT it's also hard as hell and sometimes super isolating. The roller coaster of emotions is real, y'all, and lately, I've felt like I'm stuck on the Joker at Six Flags.

That's why even if you're a company of one, you need a team. You need someone celebrating your wins and cheering on when you feel like shit. Someone who puts your head back on straight on those days where you basically second guess all your life decisions. 

Shoutout to my coach, Jessica Valor who does all of these things and more. She has lovingly guided me back to reality on those days I've felt lost, held space for me to feel whatever I'm feeling, given me the confidence to do the things that feel scary in my business. Thank you, Jess, for always believing in me and for giving me tools to keep growing in business and in life. 💕~ Brittany Bremer


BUSINESS: “Jess didn't just invite me to work on my business with her - she opened her heart. She didn't just give me answers, she helped me learn how to walk through a situation with a new perspective. So not only did I get some tangible, actionable advice, but I grew as an entrepreneur.

We made incredible progress on my business goals and I had several breakthroughs. Jess pushed me to think smarter and more creatively about my business, and I know this will have a direct impact on my success moving forward!

Jess really helped me take several steps forward in my goal to speak on large stages. She gave me constructive criticism for my keynote, and helped me find the right frame of mind to begin pitching myself to speaking opportunities. She also helped me break down big goals into digestible actionable strategies that I am much more confident I can accomplish.

I would recommend anyone with a desire to begin public speaking work with Jess - she really knows her stuff! Or anyone who has a big, big goal, but is too overwhelmed by the idea to know where to start. She's your girl.” ~ Meredith Davis - Branding and Commercial Photographer & Founder of Merrily Creative


BUSINESS & HEALING: Working with Jessica has been transformative. I have had the privilege to work with Jessica personally and professionally with her healing sessions and business mastermind. The changes I have noticed in both areas of my life have opened up exponentially from personal healing to new business growth. Jessica has a true gift to give to others. ~ Kathryn Vigness - Author & Coach

I am so grateful to have Jess in my life, as friend, coach, healer and more. Jess provides such genuine love and support to her clients.

I feel it in everything she does. Jess has helped me dig deep, process and heal so much of what has held me back. I believe in her multi-facet approach to healing and coaching. She is there for you, no matter the topic or the need, in life and business. She shares her expansive gifts and life experiences so openly, with honesty and vulnerability. The example she sets in whole-heartedly living out her purpose every day, is truly inspiring to me. I am a thrive member look forward to continuing on this journey with Jess in The Healer’s Academy and beyond.

The top 3 results I have gained while working with Jess: the building of trust in myself and my gifts, healing of feminine lineage and the confidence to begin stepping out and being seen. It may all still be a work-in-progress, but the healing and progress is real, and I look forward to taking more steps. ~ Colleen  


HEALING: Jessica Valor is a beautiful, powerful energy healer and spiritual teacher with whom I've had the pleasure of working with for over a year. As an energy healer, coach, and teacher myself, she is a huge part of my support system and who I go to when I need healing and guidance. In all of the sessions and courses that I've had with Jess, she always goes above and beyond by infusing bountiful love, compassion, and value. I recommend Jess services to my family, friends, and everyone because I truly believe in her and the work she does! ~ Kara (Healer and Coach)


BUSINESS & HEALING: "In one month- opened my doors to my own unique spiritual business, claimed my me-ness, and began implementing real action steps! I now have 8 clients and expanding!I built a website, an email list, and started a newsletter. Created a successful monthly networking group for other healing professionals and resolved self doubt issues around stepping into my power as a change maker and Light leader in my community, owning my true self in my work, life, and biz.

Plus, my relationship is in a great place to boot partly due to me honoring my true self needs and growing up into a mature woman who trusts her intuition and believes in herself.” ~ Natalie Foster of True Self institute and 2018 Mastermind Member

BUSINESS & HEALING: “Jessica has been an incredible support and guide for me this past year as I delve into the brave journey of starting my coaching business. Her experience in both spiritual guidance and spot on business strategy is a beautifully effective combination that has helped me align myself and my business together as one. I have greatly needed and appreciated her personal approach and accessibility to quick feedback. Her business knowledge and skills are vast and she teaches in a way that is loving and motivating. I have grown in bravery, confidence, and trust in myself since working with her. It has been a gift to have such a committed, loving, friend as a teacher and guide.”

I joined the 2019 ABM because I do not want to grow my coaching business alone and I am done with struggling I went through in the past.I now realize that trying to figure it all out on my own is limiting and lonely. I am most excited about transcending my doubt and flowing into possibilities with the support of Jess, Ronnie and the other ABM members.” ~ Sarah - Life Coach


BUSINESS & HEALING: “Jess is one of the hardest working humans I know! She is wonderfully organized and very intelligent. If you have never had someone hold space for you, Jess is the epitome. Open your heart and be ready to be overwhelmed by love.” ~ Anjanette Conway ~ Spiritual Life Coach

BUSINESS & HEALING: “I love working with Jessica. She has a huge heart! She has helped me move beyond my comfort zone and stand up for myself. She also knows just how to help when I get stuck, with a gentle, loving 'kick in the butt' I was able to manifest a raise, work from home and heal major block in my life and business! I am empowered in my gifts as a healer now and offering workshops, private sessions and growing my email list!” ~ Debbie ~ Emotional Healing Practitioner


BUSINESS & HEALING: I have been working with Jessica Valor for the past several months for business and personal life support. She is such a gift! Jessica has a very loving and healing presence and is able to help me move through blocks that I have had my whole life. After having healings with Jess, my energy and life has completely shifted and I now am able to be more joyful and abundant. My business is growing, my love life is blossoming, and I am now able to manifest with greater ease. I cannot believe what a huge shift I have had in only a few months since working with Jess. She is incredibly intuitive, attuned, and loving. I get so much out of my work with her, and cannot recommend her enough! ~ Nicole Ford ~ Psychotherapist & Soul Coach

BUSINESS & HEALING: I have worked with a ton of coaches, mentors and professionals on my journey and Jessica Valor is the real deal! I am amazed at her gifts and talents and her ability to tune into a higher source and use that information to help and serve her clients is first class.But what I most admire about Jessica is her heart. Her genuine heartfelt caring and compassion for her clients. If there is an area of your life where you feel "stuck" and your looking for some guidance I highly recommend Jessica.  ~ Joe Amoia ~ Relationship Coach at GPS for Love

HEALING & BUSINESS: I am Kelly Wilkes, Owner and Founder of Ojas Wellness Centers in Baltimore, MD and working with Jessica helped reset me when I was at a very low point. I had a lot of stress at work and I needed a new perspective. Jessica cleared up some energetic hang-ups and TOTALLY got me over my hump! I left my session inspired with a new, restored faith in myself and others around me! If you are the type of person who gets hung on on the SAME thoughts and the same patterns and just can’t shake them loose, Jessica is your girl! She is an incredible gift to yourself! Do it! 


BUSINESS & HEALING: have recently begun working with Jessica Valor and have experienced a great increase in my knowledge base from her coaching. Personally, I have been astounded by the progress I have made in just five weeks. I have been studying this material for years and have not come so far so fast on my own. This is the first course I have taken with her and would not hesitate to take another one.  ~ Denise

READING: Highly recommend working with Jessica. Very insightful, and so much information.  During the reading, I received a lot of information pointing me in the right direction, what to focus on, and also what to let go. Thank you for your guidance. ~ Heather

HEALING & CHANNELING FOR BOOK: My session was fantastic. Jessica was able to communicate clear guidance to me. She was able to get across to me several messages from the divine and my guides. She could see what I was needing and passed along invaluable information. She did a beautiful healing and I could feel the benefits immediately after the session. Thank you for love and for sharing your light!!

~ Suzanne Vickery ~ Author of "Musings of An Earth Angel" & Motivational Speaker

BUSINESS & HEALING: Jessica has been invaluable to me during one of the most difficult times in my life. Her healing and guidance have helped me so much I that it is hard to explain. She just has an amazing ability to connect with you on such a deep level even though we are on video. I can't say enough wonderful things about Jess. She is truly gifted! You will not regret working with her! ~ Nicole

HEALING: "It is my honor to share how amazing Jessica Valor is. Jessica is not just a coach, a muse, a healer, she is truly an Earth Angel. To work with her, to speak with her and to be in her presence is an absolute honor and life changing! When I meet with her I notice an immediate shift in my energy. As a healer myself, I so desperately need a refuge and a safe place I can go to clear out my energy and see clearly and to choose love. Jessica is that person." ~ Heather Regan - Soul Centered Psychotherapist

BUSINESS & HEALING: Jessica came into my life right when I needed it! I felt stagnant for a long time - like I wasn't moving forward. Already, from a bit of coaching with Jessica, I finally feel like I have purpose and the courage to move forward. She is always ready to help (and has lots of ways to do so!) and comes armed with a positive attitude. I have so far enjoyed my journey with Jessica, and look forward to more of her guidance. ~ Kelli

HEALING: "I had an amazing intuitive session with Jessica! She explained that she meditates and pulls cards prior, which I really appreciated and liked that she was “all in” from the start. Right away she channeled into the fact that I was in an energy crisis! I was spewing it out like a fountain and exhausting my resources. She honed into that and through her gifts of working with spirit, we moved through how to realign in a way that serves me and others. In the month that has passed since our session, many of the projections made have become reality or on point to do so. Jessica moves fast and really dives into what you need! She’s honest and direct and doesn’t filter before speaking. Really enjoyed my time with Jessica!" 

~ Danielle Mercurio ~ Transformational Coach & Astrologist

HEALING: “Jessica has a such a deep benevolent soul. The space she holds is so loving, gentle, and yet powerful. Her connection to Source and to energetic allies is truly amazing.” ~ Chris Dierkes ~ Healer

HEALING: “Booking a session with Jessica had to be one of the best decisions I could’ve of made. Prior to our session I felt powerless to the spiritual experience I was having. She was able to answer my questions and give me practical yet extremely effective ways on how to cleanse and protect my energy. I felt immediate relief after she performed energy work on me and continue to enjoy the effects. If you are sensitive to energy, having a spiritual experience you can’t understand, or need energy clearing among many other things, I highly recommend Jessica. Being able to go to bed without worries and know that I have the power over my experiences is priceless.

~Rosalie Tolentino ~ Coach


HEALING: “My experience working one on one with Jessica Valor as my coach and medium has been very positive. Jessica is professional, intuitive and loving.i always feel safe and supported during our sessions. And I always come away feeling inspired and empowered.” ~ Chara (Author, Yoga Teacher)

HEALING: “Jessica was an excellent guide to helping me explore my spiritual gifts and to helping me heal and ascend to a higher level. She helped me understand where I was spiritually, how to use my spiritual gifts and gave me confidence to open up about my gifts as well as tools/resources to explore these gifts.” ~ Bonnie Larson

BUSINESS & HEALING: I feel I can’t possibly put into words how amazingly talented, loving and intuitive Jessica is and how valuable her coaching has been for me. Her Intuitive soul coaching session tapped into EXACTLY what was going on in my life and helped me clear the obstacles I had been facing for years. I have never experienced more insight, wisdom, clarity, and love from a coach before. Her coaching is a priceless gift that I will be forever grateful for.

~ Victoria Cattell Bass ~ Transformational Coach,  Artist & Jewelry Designer

HEALING: "Jessica has an amazing ability to transform the learning process into an experience that stays with you in so many positive ways. Her insight and experience is invaluable and I highly recommend her for others wanting to advance their gifts and knowledge." ~ Torrey Shannon

BUSINESS & HEALING: “Since I started working with Jessica in a few short months, I have found a new level of confidence not only in myself but in my gifts as a healer and entrepreneur. She quickly helped me heal issues I have carried my whole life that have held me back in feeling worthy and whole, so I can live with more alignment and feel safe in my purpose.

Jess helped me discover I can have a business I love and be profitable based on my own dreams and priorities. She helped me solve a variety of problems in my career by offering creative solutions that brought forward the exact results I wanted. She holds a powerful space and helped me manifest my dreams and feel so excited about my future.

She has given me infinite resources to heal and strategically create a business as well as how to co-create with my partner.

I highly recommend Jessica if you are feeling stuck or need healing, a confidence boost or frankly, a kick in the a$$. Her 'no BS' approach is extremely helpful in moving forward, healing and rising above your current situation." ~ Debbie Scheriff

BUSINESS & HEALING: My session with Jessica was truly amazing! I left feeling an abundance of love and empowered to landscape my own life. What were feelings and wonders have transpired into dreams being realized. I am filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead.”

 ~ Jamie Duncan ~ Deaf Friendly Biz Founder 

HEALING: I had a lovely session with Jessica on 2/7/15 – part intuitive reading, part healing, part business coaching….it was a little of everything! So much of what she said resonated with me and I felt energized and motivated afterwards. The best part of the session was when my grandfather came through and told me that he is always with me and that he leaves “tiny bits of crumpled paper” on the floor as a sign. I told Jessica that I had never seen any little bits of paper but that I would keep my eyes open. Minutes after my session, I went into my kitchen and was talking on the phone and I looked down and saw a little scrap of crumpled paper on my just vacuumed kitchen floor. I just about burst out laughing. I picked it up and went into my room and found ANOTHER one on my bedroom floor. It was like a big giant hug from my Pop-Pop.

— Michelle Schaffer

HEALING: “Jess is terrific. I had no idea what to expect going in to the session. She was positive, kind, and encouraging. After the session, I felt a renewed sense of hope and left knowing that I had the power and tools to make the change in my life that I desperately needed to make. I hit the ground running after our session, and a job opportunity that literally changed my life, presented itself within a week of our session. Thank you Jess, for empowering me and encouraging me to trust and believe in myself!

— Amy Hagy


HEALING: Working with Jessica for my energy clearing was a such a beautiful experience. I have never been read before or had any idea of what to expect. Jessica guided me safely to a wonderful space that I was able to not only learn more about myself but helped me release the blocks that I needed. It was a life changing experience for me because it helped me gain insight to another layer of myself. Jessica has a beautiful gift. Thank you so much!

— Vanessa Barios

HEALING: Throughout our session she helped me achieve insight into situations I was inquiring about. She helped me figure out ways to better myself for more favorable outcomes. Her main goal is to make you a better you and she gives you resources to do that!" ~ Chandra Turner ~ School Teacher 

BUSINESS & HEALING: I have done energy healing with Jessica Valor. My experience with my session was great. I was able to really open up and gain a lot of knowledge during the process. I felt safe and in control, free. I have had multiple sessions and will continue to go back. If you need direction in your life she can help you. Jess has much to offer and she cares for others greatly. ~Alexander Cox

HEALING: Right from the very first phone conversation with Jessica to schedule an appointment, she was very kind, informational and excited to see me. that felt really good~ and told me I was in the right place. During the session I felt very comfortable, she helped me see things clearly and hear things that people who love me and my angels were trying to tell me. She has a beautiful gift. I would encourage anyone to go see her. — Angela Konrad


HEALING: My time(s) with Jessica has been affirming, calming and clarifying. She has a very soothing yet firm and clear communication style. The information that she shared and insight she had could have only come from the Angels. I encourage everyone that has a nudging to seek metaphysical answers to meet with Jessica. Truly amazing! — Viki Ronchetti

HEALING: “My Experience with Jessica was so much more than I expected. She helped me obtain some insight into myself and showed me my higher self. I felt very comfortable going in and even better learning. It was a great time overall. I’m so grateful my stressors are gone. Thanks Jessica, it was awesome! — Addison Mills


BUSINESS & HEALING:I believe deeply in Jessica Valor's work as a medium and healer. I felt empowered and gained great clarity and a sense of purposeful direction as a result of our mediumship reading and find her healing sessions to be beautiful meditative journeys with a profound impact! I always feel safe and protected with Jess holding powerful space for me to feel and release my emotions. ~  Alli Nelson


HEALING: “My experience working one on one with Jessica Valor as my coach and medium has been very positive. Jessica is professional, intuitive and loving.I always feel safe and supported during our sessions. And I always come away feeling inspired and empowered. ~ Chara Rodriguera


BUSINESS & HEALING: “I have known Jessica for 4 years now and loved her the moment we met! She is a powerful healer and guide and has helped me immensely both in my personal life and in my business. I have had private sessions with her and I also was part of her spiritual business program, The Academy, and got to work with her for a full year. I cannot say enough about how loving, supportive, and wise she is. She is so connected to spirit and offers the most divine guidance. ~  Amber Hargett


HEALING: “Jessica is a highly gifted healer, coach and teacher. I highly recommend her. ~ Margaret Bass 


BUSINESS & HEALING: I met Jessica in 2014 at an event in New York. Since then, I have had several sessions with her (both in NY and remotely). I also signed up for Jessica's 12-month group coaching program for new entrepreneurs. She is a very gifted mentor and healer and I have learned so much from her. She is also very supportive and caring and always demonstrates how much she wants her clients to succeed in their endeavors. I have recommended her services to friends and colleagues. ~ Liz Rivera 


BUSINESS & HEALING: “We have had the great pleasure of working with Jessica on several occasions. She gives completely of herself and our business would still not be off the ground if not for her great coaching and insight. Jessica is a rare individual who is completely authentic and open to her clients. She is compassionate and patient with her clients. She has great energy and you know that having her on your side will help you in whatever area that you need her expertise. We consider her a great coach and mentor but also now a friend. We would recommend her to anybody who wants great insight into their personal and business life. ~ Annette Calendine

BUSINESS & HEALING: “Jessica is the real deal! I worked with her for coaching which included healings, business ideas, weekly coaching calls, etc. etc. She provided beautiful meditations & healings, she is very intuitive and was able to easily connect to the Divine to bring me meaningful messages and guidance. She has so much compassion within for others and teaches us how to have that most importantly for ourselves, so that we can shine that onto others. I highly recommend working with Jessica to bring healing and guidance into your life either for personal or business growth!!!! ~ Kristin Schrader

BUSINESS & HEALING:“Jessica came into my life right when I needed it! I felt stagnant for a long time - like I wasn't moving forward. Already, from a bit of coaching with Jessica, I finally feel like I have purpose and the courage to move forward. She is always ready to help (and has lots of ways to do so!) and comes armed with a positive attitude. I have so far enjoyed my journey with Jessica, and look forward to more of her guidance.  ~ Kelli Putnam

BUSINESS & HEALING:“I met Jessica here in Minneapolis at my network group. She is a force and I was drawn to her right away. I new we had to work together. I hired her for a year of coaching and it made all the difference. I was able to quit my job and focus on my business and my Network marketing. She was invaluable with her coaching and healing and it was just the thing I needed to move on and move forward. Couldn't have done it with out her. ~ Lisa Bouta

BUSINESS & HEALING:“I first met Jessica in New York City at an event held by a world-renowned best-selling author and speaker. She has become the go-to person in our community for all things spiritual. She is incredibly encouraging, and a beacon of light and hope for so many of us that struggle in business and in life. Her work is well-respected, and for good reason. She serves authentically and unapologetically to any of us in need. ~ Kathy Haan 

HEALING:“Jessica is one of the most phenomenal people I have ever worked with. She completely shifted my mental and emotional state and helped me to unblock things that I was stuck in for DECADES. She is supremely talented, kind, compassionate and so generous with her time and gifts. I couldn't believe how much lighter I felt after speaking with her and how much grief and trauma I had worked through in such a short time. I was able to forgive people, find peace in past traumas and truly deepen my understanding of ME and my journey. I truly recommend her to anyone looking to move past blocks, enhance their business and overcome emotional obstacles and stagnant energy from the past. You will be fully supported and loved in a sacred space that will help you to heal whatever ails you. Jessica is an angel on this earth and her healing ability is truly heaven sent. I will happily chat with anyone who has questions about working with her :) XO ~ Iman Gatti

 BUSINESS & HEALING:“Jessica has helped me gain not only confidence in the services I provide for my business but has helped me articulate how I want to show up for my ideal clients. I've done both business strategy, a personal forecast reading and a healing session with her and I was left feeling rejuvenated and inspired after each one. If you're looking to get unstuck or just need a different mirror to look into she can help. I'm so glad our paths crossed!
Review By: Meghan Wick

HEALING:“Jessica is a gifted medium, educator and healer. I have known Jessica for four years and consider her very committed to her clients and has high integrity. She has helped me with clarity in my life with her channelings. Her passion to be there and of help to others is exemplary. It is a privilege to know her. ~ Maggie McLaughlin

HEALING:“Working with Jessica was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her services. ~  Laurie McInerney

HEALING:“Jessica is amazing! She is always very helpful and offers me the best support and encouragement. Highly recommend.  ~ Tracey Riley

BUSINESS & HEALING:“From the moment I walked into the space, I felt safe and grounded and a spirit of love. She was so on point in where my spirit and head were at and gave me such great tools to help keep me grounded. I felt held to ask questions about things I was uncertain about, whether they were questions I had about things going on in my life or whether it was clarification about something she had mentioned.
I felt such gratitude after our session, a lightness and clearing away of energy that was holding me back and clarity on how to best move forward. I loved the shift I felt within and without!

~ Jen Cendaña Armas ~ Artist

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BUSINESS & HEALING:"I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet Jessica! When I found out she was in NY and taking appointments I just knew I had to see her. I felt so honored that Jessica held space for me prior to my arrival. She was really tuned into my energy. Jessica helped me work through the blocks I had with respect to building my coaching business. All these months I have been getting in my own way and I didn’t realize it until she helped put things into perspective for me! 
Jessica also connected with my deceased father during our session and gave me some beautiful messages from him – it was exactly what I needed to hear. Knowing that he completely supports my chosen path means the world to me. 
Even though we were running short on time, Jessica lovingly gave me a healing session. She told me what do expect in the coming days; and truth be told, I am already feeling the positive effects. I left feeling relaxed, at peace and feeling so much more confident about myself than at the start of our session. 
Jessica you are an amazing person – thank you for sharing your special gift with us. I look forward to keeping in touch and scheduling additional sessions with you in the future. I am so grateful we connected today!  ~ Liz Rivera ~ Ignite Your Life Founder ~ Coach ~ Reiki Healer ~ Angel Cards