I believe that love is the greatest force in the Universe.

Beauty is a state of being. Life is about showing up and healing old stories to embody Truth and commit to Leading with Love.

The greatest gift we have is the power to choose our thoughts, feelings and how we want to climb the mountains towards our dreams. Everything is an experience to return home to Self and fall deeper in love with life. You have a Divine purpose and it’s time for you to shine.

I’m Jessica Valor, Visionary Business Mentor and Master Energy Healer for Leaders and Entrepreneurs who want to be supported Personally and Professionally.

If you are ready to embrace your gifts and realize your dreams, I am here to walk beside you.

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What I help you do


I work with individuals and businesses who want to: 

  • Clear the noise holding them back from leading with purpose & intention.

  • Connect with their Inner Wisdom (Divine Intelligence) to leave a legacy.

  • Learn how to align their energy, be present and feel happier.

  • Move through any obstacles thrown their way and be free of drama.

  • Explore and elevate their gifts/talents to have a Brand Experience that creates a movement with their message. (authors, speakers, coaches, etc.)

I believe in the power of your dreams and the real challenge is trying to do it alone. 

When you learn how to master your energy, you'll operate with your intuition in the driver's seat creating more impact and of course make more money. To be effective, you need someone to hold space for you.

I am that person. 

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WHO IS JESS? I am…a healer, medium, visionary, mentor, channeler, clairvoyant, talk therapist, card slinger, retreat host, mentor, dancer, leader, friend, daughter, music lover, writer, best selling author, conscious creator, spiritual teacher, alchemist, shaman, yogi, strategist, consultant, entrepreneur, killer chef, fashionista and world traveler.

I am a deep believer in play and being present to the magic and beauty that life holds.

In my world, spirit, self and the material world are not separate. I am directly connected to the Divine as a stream of consciousness where my ability to be present to the tangible (life, money and goals) and intangible (spirit, energy and cosmos) are in a perfect marriage.

I am deeply invested in healing because it is time to change the world and I believe we can do better.

I have been on a healing journey that started at nineteen and I have done the deep work. My experiences of pain have offered me powerful wisdom and a full heart to light the path for others.

A glimpse into my past...


At 24, I experienced devastating health challenges. Every doctor I saw had only one solution: prescribe medications. The pharmaceuticals were so toxic and destructive that I refused to take them. Given the debilitating condition of my health, I needed answers and solutions - and fast. 

So in 2008, I took control of my health and life and immersed myself in books, trainings, healings and certifications with the goal of restoring my physical and spiritual health. I know firsthand the hardships people face every day in seeking a happier and healthier lifestyle to find balance and peace of mind. I also know how impossible day-to-day activities can be when facing any kind of issue that keeps you from living your best life.

However, I also know firsthand the amazing power of self-healing, and how all of us can call our power back and heal ourselves. I survived an abusive childhood, emotional and physical traumas, being homeless, a nine-year battle with Lyme's Disease and a toxic corporate career. I had a "near-death experience" in 2011 where I visited Heaven/Source, yet here I stand today, enlivened by Spirit and Knowledge striving daily toward pure joy. This is where it’s at. This is where Spirit wants us to be.

I knew I had to make a choice, continue a life of suffering and let the weight of my hardships  and pain keep me down, OR I could seek out the support, knowledge and practices that I needed to heal. I chose the latter. Then, and only then, could I fully show up for myself and the world.

I am offering an eclectic collage of intuitive insight and heart-based support for YOU!

I am living proof that healing your life is absolutely possible in every way. I am passionate about life, happiness and wellness. I offer a plethora of intuitive insight, support, and everything I've learned along my journey of self-healing and growing a purposeful and profitable business. Working with your needs and desires, I can help you live a vibrant, joyful and purpose-filled life.

It is with my deepest joy to support you.

I  believe we are here to heal ourselves and the world. 

Read more of my Back story here >>> jessicavalor.com/story

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Full Bio 

Jessica Valor is a oracle, master energy healer, spiritual mentor, speaker, best selling author and business strategist who delivers her programs to thousands every year on the topics of conscious leadership, intuitive intelligence and personal development.

Jessica is a clear and powerful conduit for High-level Spirits. She awakened to the strengths of her clairvoyant, healing gifts in 2011 after her own "near-death experience" where she met with a council of Ascended Masters and returned to life to help the world heal and move through ascension.

She helps individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations connect to their inner wisdom and higher levels of awareness to craft the life or business they truly desire. She loves empowering your intuitive abilities and dream visions, bringing forward your best ideas and desired outcomes.

Jessica believes we all have a deep knowing of who we are and what we want - with a little guidance and awakening, we are empowered to THRIVE.

Today, Jessica resides in Atlanta, Ga with her family and friends. She has a fur baby, Monji who she adores. When not inspiring thousands, she is found as a domestic Goddess cooking, creating rituals, practicing yoga and of course singing and dancing to her favorite songs. She loves helping her clients rise to their highest potentials and building the foundation of #teamlove to help those in need.

 Founder and Creator of the following programs

  • Masters Degree at Life

  • Founder and Host of The Jessica Valor Show

  • Best Selling Co - Author ~ Rising Women - 2018

  • Leadership & Conscious Enterprise Mastery (BA - Independently Developed) - Metropolitan State University ( I am one class shy of my degree and I dont need it so I am not sure I will finish it :)

  • Founder of Ascension Business Mastermind TM 2018 - 2020

  • Founder of Ascended Healer's Academy TM 2017 - 2020

  • Find Your $ Flow (The Complete Abundance System)2018 - 2020

  • Co-Founder of the Soul Focused Business Academy 2016

  • Co-creator of 4 months to Purpose, Profit, Play (a business building foundation course) 2015

Certifications and Areas of Study

  • Own The Stage - Certified Speaker Training with Lee Tkachuk (2019)

  • Center Stage Live Certified Speaker with Chantelle Adams (2018)

  • BTBY with Kimra Luna and Launching Business Mastermind (2017)

  • Marie Forleo with Mastin Kipp Mastermind Training: B School Alumni (2015)

  • Spirit Junkie Master Class, Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein (2014)

  • Certified Nutritional Therapist - Trinity School of Natural Health (2012)

  • Certified Massage Therapist - Aveda (2010)

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy - Delores Cannon

  • Pranic Energy Healing - Level 1 - Master Stephen Co (2009)

  • Certified Medium, Healer, Angel, Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Past Life Reader,Past Life Regression Therapy, Realm Reader, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

"I have worked with a ton of coaches, mentors and professionals on my journey and Jessica Valor is the real deal! I am amazed at her gifts and talents and her ability to tune into a higher source and use that information to help and serve her clients is first class.But what I most admire about Jessica is her heart. Her genuine heartfelt caring and compassion for her clients. If there is an area of your life where you feel "stuck" and your looking for some guidance I highly recommend Jessica."  ~ Joe Amoia ~ Relationship Coach at GPS for Love


“You are fabulous! Thank you for your commitment to healing the world.”~ Elyse Falzone



Jess offers a seamless support system customized with lots of love, spiritual guidance and real life + biz strategy to get you where you want to be. Her toolbox and resources are amazing, never-ending and she supports me fully with love at every phase of life and biz! She is an incarnated angel and shares her relationship with Spirit-freely and lovingly. She truly wants everyone to experience their best life and feel loved and healed. ~ Tracy Chartier

Fun Facts ~ 15 things you may not know about me

Follow me on Spotify for awesome playlists: https://open.spotify.com/user/12157802708

  1. I am obsessed with music. I grew up in Memphis so have a blues/soul, jam band, rock n roll, hip hop meets Red Hot Chili Peppers soul style. (It's complicated and super fun.)

  2. My favorite three bands are Tom Petty, 50 Cent and Mumford and Sons. (and let's sneak in Nina Simone) 

  3. Every time a song comes on, I will tell you -ooh that's my song-yes I am that girl! LOL! 

  4. My Morkie Monji (see his cute pic below) is my incarnated dragon-I know totally crazy right?! 

  5. Beauty is my #1 one core value. I believe in the beauty of a soul, flowers, trees, everything around me reflects beauty. I connect with the beauty (essence) of people, places and experiences. 

  6. Spa days are my favorite days-like cannot live without massages and full body salt scrubs. 

  7. My go to look is sans makeup, hair up, sundress, flip flops, lashes and gloss of course. 

  8. My favorite Movie star is Kate Hudson. (see below) I got to meet her at a book signing! I was geeking out! I love her energy and happiness vibes! 

  9. I always have crystals, oracle cards and essential oils in my purse (well it's a really big bag.) Taurus's like their things and are ALWAYS prepared so I have a big bag every where I go. 

  10. I am obsessed with outdoor living and creating Sacred Space. I could spend my entire salary on it. (Keep me out of Pier One.) 

  11. I am the friend who comes over and starts organizing your house. (I believe the world's problems can be solved with a candle and a basket.) #ritualobsessed

  12. My Favorite movie is Almost Famous. (I wont tell you HOW many times I watched it...maybe I will go watch it again now...) 

  13. My favorite Spirit guides right now are Prince, Moses and Wayne Dyer. ( Don't tell anyone I am playing favorites.:) 

  14. My entire wardrobe is Free People. I cannot live with out it and I buy ALL the dresses. 

  15. My favorite place in the world to be is on a porch with my closest friends, jamming out, drinking an old fashioned- dancing and singing under the moonlight. 

with Kate Hudson ~ Pretty Happy book signing! What a fun day!

with Kate Hudson ~ Pretty Happy book signing! What a fun day!

My Heart~ Monji ( he is an angel dragon)

My Heart~ Monji ( he is an angel dragon)

Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabby Bernstein ~ 2014

Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabby Bernstein ~ 2014

Global-Universal Healing Lineage & Sacred Feminine & Masculine in Belize at the Myan temples-2012

Global-Universal Healing Lineage & Sacred Feminine & Masculine in Belize at the Myan temples-2012

Business Mastermind NYC with my mentor and coach Kimra Luna ~ 2017

Business Mastermind NYC with my mentor and coach Kimra Luna ~ 2017

with Lori Harder ~ Tribe Called Bliss event and book signing! Love this Lady! 2018

with Lori Harder ~ Tribe Called Bliss event and book signing! Love this Lady! 2018