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Empress Festival - Online Event

A Masterclass Series hosted by Holistic Fashionista

12 Panelists with wisdom and love for you, including yours truly!

Join HERE:

In Tarot, The Empress represents female energy, our artistic abilities, and intuitive superpowers. She is a feminine leader who possesses natural beauty, a burning passion for life, raw emotion, and a strong sense of intuition. With her deep connection to Mother Earth and the Universe, she makes manifesting your heart's desires peaceful and serene.
She embodies fertility, prosperity, and abundance to all her seek her wisdom, for she is the birthplace of creative ideas. Standing with her head to the heavens symbolizes her patience and spiritual gifts to materializing her greatest passions and the star in her crown represent her cosmic connection to the Universe. Below her, you will see the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, symbolizing her complexities, passionate nature, lover of all things beautiful, and her mysterious way of connecting the heart with our emotions. She is your higher self.

Earlier Event: July 22
Later Event: July 23
Blessed with Jess