Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mediumship Flow?

When communicating with the Otherside, information streams in through words, sentences, pictures, physical and emotional feelings, and a strong sense of presences and knowing. I am able to hear, feel and see the communication your loved ones, spirits, Angels and Ascended masters are offering for you.  I am a channel to streamline and pass along the information your loved ones want you to receive. I will distinguish the information coming through and you will need to validate with “yes” or “no” statements. Offering me information could confuse the situation and it is important for the soul coming through to establish who they are and the reasons why they are communicating with you.  Near the end of the session, you may fill in background information if you wish. Your loved ones know you will be at the session as they are eager to communicate with you. They know what your heart needs to hear and want to support you in the information you seek. They want you to understand they are safe and what it is like on the Otherside. Trust the information you receive and how it comes through as this is determined by your loved ones. Trust your intuition knowing that they are communicating through me what they want you to understand. I am simply channeling for your loved ones, Angels and guides. We will save your questions towards the end of session to allow your loved ones to first communicate with you what they feel is important.

How do I prepare for a session?

Relaxing is key. The more relaxed you are the more you will receive and benefit. Prepare your questions in advance. Pick the top four questions you want answered and bring them with you. Focus on the loved ones you want to communicate with and know that I do not control who comes through from Otherside. Your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and loved ones all know what you need and desire and want to ensure you receive the messages that serve your highest good. They all have an amazing way of communicating what you need.

Can I record my session?

Yes, you may record using an IPhone or App on your own device. You are encouraged to take notes if you wish. Recording your session is helpful  and can bring happiness and comfort when listening to the messages and guidance received during your session.

Readings for Children

Jessica offers readings and support for children along with past life assistance. The child must be accompanied by an adult parent or main guardian. If the child is sixteen they will be addressed directly by Jessica and if under this age the parent will be addressed by Jessica for the child. The child can play in the same room if younger. Teenagers will be addressed on a case by case basis depending on the personality and their ability to receive and accept the information coming through in a positive flow that is of benefit to them. There are many children coming in at this time that are considered “old souls” and remembering their past lives at very young ages. Parents are seeking answers to support, love and parent their children in the most positive fashion. Jessica loves supporting children and parents on their journey by communicating with the Otherside and finding solutions and channeling answers for children and parents seeking for a deeper understanding.

Will all of my questions be answered?

There are always more questions on the horizon.  Jessica works efficiently to cover as much as realistically possible in the session times allotted. Remember to allow the session to flow as often unexpected information comes through as our loved ones have their own agenda.  If you try to do too much in a reading it can become scattered.

Can I bring a friend?  

Unless you are seeking the same persons, messages and guidance it is better to book two separate sessions. Jessica offers group readings which are not as intimate as a private session and due to the time of session and allowance of information to flow through it is best to do sessions alone or as a family trying to connect to the same souls on the Otherside.  Remember there are a lot of souls trying to come through just for one person!

Can you receive information on people that are living?

Yes! Everyone has an energy and frequency. There are strict universal laws on respecting person’s privacy. We will ask for permission and participation of that person and it is their free will to engage in energetic form. Once this request is confirmed then we may proceed.

What happens if nobody comes through?

I assure you souls always come through. Your loved ones, Angels, guides and Ascended Masters want you to know their love and support for you and your life’s journey.

What happens when many spirits come through at same time?

Often your loved ones are very excited to talk to you! The Otherside is dependent upon the medium to channel their messages and they will line up to get through to you. They want to offer love, support and peace of mind to you that they are on the Otherside. Jessica will inform you who is showing up and also focus on the specific persons you want to communicate with.

What if you do not know the person coming through?

There are many souls that are friends, family and others that come through who you may not know. If you do not know who the soul is, that is ok and they will somehow make themselves known in a way to offer information for someone else you know. Trusting that we are Divinely guided allows the positive messages of love to come through for yourself or someone else close to you.

What if the person I want to communicate with does not come through?

Sometimes souls are not in a place to come through but they could in a future reading. Jessica will try to connect with the soul’s energy sending a loving intention requesting for them to come through.  Remember that you will hear from who you need not always who you want. There is always Divine purpose for the messages being delivered to you for they know what you need to receive.

Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides

Everyone has Angels and Guides that love, support and surround you through your whole life.
Angels-We have guardian angels and Archangels. Angels help us along our life journey. Angels are a gift from God and we may call upon them for guidance and support.
Spirit Guides –Our guides help us to stay on our life path and fulfill our purpose. They offer loving support in the direction of your dreams. They offer wisdom and insight for life decision that arise.
Ascended Masters- These are spiritually enlightened beings who were once human. These beings have fully ascended and are in complete harmony and union with God/Source/Universe.
Jesus, Mother Mary., Buddha, Ganesh, Confucius are just a few to name.

Earthbound Spirits

Some spirits can become stuck after they have decreased due to a fear (of hell or attachment and so forth.) These souls are sometimes called ghosts. Jessica works with these souls with the Archangels and Otherside to help them to go into the light and cross over all in a loving manner.  

How does mediumship and psychic abilities work?

Mediums and Psychics receive information through different channels of sensory. These are considered the 4 “Clair’s.” These are energetic pathways of communication which allows the person to receive information from the Otherside. Jessica uses all senses as a medium.

Clairvoyance- Clear Seeing

This is the channel where pictures and visions come through the mediums 3rd eye.  Information streams through and is delivered through photos, images, symbols, objects, places and movies, etc.  

Clairsentience- Clear Sense

This is when a feeling or emotion comes through. The medium can feel the joy, happiness, pain, sadness and even the traumas to communicate this information during a reading.

Clair cognizant-Clear Knowing

This is a channel where information is downloaded through the medium and offers in depth, detailed insight with a clear knowing about the situation and the messages coming through.

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

This is a channel where sounds, words, sentences, thoughts, music and other various types of sounds are received through the medium. These sounds are not audible to the normal hearing range.


Your sessions are privately held in a loving, safe and honorable environment.  All sessions are confidential and never shared with another. You information is safe and never shared. 

Cancellation Policy

 Payment is required when booking. All sales are final and  non refundable.