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I am always learning and growing. I trust Jessica and something I have been wanting to expand my skills on is the ascended realm with ascended masters, etc.

“I feel more confident in my gifts, my channel in more open and the next level of knowledge is powerful.

I have brought some of these new skills into my sessions, therefore serving my clients at a higher level. I feel I also got confirmation of my gifts which has me connect deeper in my own meditation without question. I have always had the access, but I feel there has been a deeper/higher access to other realms that come in during my sessions.

I loved the channeled meditations and printouts you provided as I have used them in session with my clients as well.” “You are fabulous! Thank you for your commitment to healing the world.~ Elyse Falzone

“I liked the information, the collaboration with others, the prompt answering and addressing of the questions. I do feel the energy has shifted for me from the intention itself and the meditations Jess did, even though I wasn’t an active participant on the calls.”

~ Dawn Bennett (Holistic Health Practitioner/Massage Therapist )

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I wanted to learn additional techniques to strengthen the healing I offer my clients.

“I have learned better protection rituals and the healing reaches deeper levels much faster. I am able to offer more ascended levels of healing to my clients and I’m able to better blend all of my services – healing, readings, and coaching. I’ve strengthened my rituals and gotten clearer about my purpose and my commitment to alignment.”

I’m a Reiki master teacher and the ascended healing blends beautifully with my Reiki practice. The healing is enhanced by working with the Ascended Masters and Archangels and my clients love to hear about who is showing up to support them.

“Very clear direction and support on how to create and maintain sacred space. I’ve been a student of many different healers and styles of healing and this was by far the best discussion on this topic. Provided tools that I could immediately make my own and put into practice. I have returned to this module frequently.”

“The guided journey to the Akashic Records was powerful. One of the highlights for me. I really love that you have shared scripts for all of the journeys that we can use for ourselves and our clients.”

“The guided meditation was very powerful, I had an amazing experience. The discussion on Trust always resonates with me.” ~ Robin Eaton (Intuitive Healer, teacher and Soul Centered Life Coach)

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I joined so that I could better connect with Spirit to help me in my journey of healing animals.

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“This has given me many tools to help me connect. I learned so much. Also, love being part of this group. Greatly expanded my asking for help from specific angels. Definitely helped me open to receive messages. I really liked the format” ~ Margaret Bass (Animal Communicator & Healer)

“It has been supportive for me to know and experience the presentation of Ascension and all the tools that Jessie has available for those experiencing and stepping into or on the path of Ascension.”~ Maggie

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I joined the Academy because I’ve worked with Jessica before and completely believe and trust in her healing and teaching abilities. I also know how she over delivers so if she says you are going to get xyz, you will actually get much more. My experience in the Ascended Healer’s Academy specifically exactly the same…full of lots of education, learning, healing, support.

“It has helped me during my healings by strengthening my connection to the AAs and Masters and learning who to call upon in certain situations. I can see in the sessions how more can be achieved in a shorter period of time and always use AA Michael’s vortex now to clear away energies during the healings. It’s also helped increase my clairvoyance and intuition during healing sessions.”

“My biggest takeaway personally and spiritually is also my newfound connection with the angels and masters. I see, feel and connect with them more and trust I am supported and guided by them. I feel as if I have a relationship with them now. I also now have a way to confidently work with my past lives although I’m still practicing with that.”

“It compliments it strongly by allowing me to do more in a session especially with the support of the angels and masters. Also by clearing out more old energies while in the vortex. My intuition and “clair skills” have been heightening. All of these allows for a more focused, complete, quicker healing.”

“AHA has greatly expanded my mind, increased my spiritual awareness, and empowered my healing abilities. Thank you for creating this space for all of us to do so!” ~ Kara Pomicter (Reiki Master/Teacher & Holistic Health Coach)

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I joined the Healer’s Academy to get a better understanding of what Ascension is and to learn how to better align with my intuition. “It has given me a better perspective on how to be more in tune with loved ones and client’s needs and how to better help them.

I feel that ascended healing has helped me connect to my own energy on a much more profound level. It has helped me to break through some blocks that have frustrated me and kept me from feeling confident in my practice.I feel ascended healing allows me to perform Reiki on a more “intuitive level”. I notice it when I perform Reiki on myself and when I do distance Reiki.

I liked the discussion about the importance of Sacred Contracts in all areas of your life. And I thought the section about Protection Rituals was very important. It helped me to realize I was not properly protecting myself before and after working with clients. The live calls were super informative and enjoyable. Jessica was very supportive and went out of her way to make sure everyone’s questions were answered properly. The meditations were always the highlight of the evening and everyone always looked forward to them.

The delivery and format of the class were great. There was always ample time and opportunity for everyone to ask questions during the call or share their experiences with the group. The level of information Jessica provided in her class materials was excellent.

The Facebook group has been a great forum for everyone to connect and share their experiences, concerns, etc. Everyone in the group has been very supportive of one another and Jessica always makes the time to answer questions in a timely manner.”

Thank you Jessica, for this experience and journey. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my spiritual development!~ Liz Rivera ( Coach, Reiki Healer, Desire Map Facilitator, Owner of Ignite Your Destiny)

 I joined the Ascended Healers Academy looking to open up more to my intuition. I received much much more . Through working with Jess, I learned so much about myself and my God given gifts. I gained self-esteem in myself and in my abilities to help others .

“It has helped me be more in tune with my authentic self and how to help others to do the same. It has given me confidence in my abilities to help heal others.Upon joining the Ascended Healers Academy, I was not real familiar with Ascension in general, but I knew I felt called to this. Now after completing this training, I have come to realize this is my life work.

Wow in so many ways this program changed my spiritual practice, and still is. It has brought me to an awareness of how important my daily rituals are in order to keep myself in the vortex. I feel myself changing every day and I now have the tools to be in alignment with the changes.

This program  gave me more of an awareness into the spiritual realm of all that I do . And now being able to work with archangels and masters has brought much clarity into helping to heal others.”“I am just truly honored I had the opportunity to be a part of this training and working with Jess . I look forward to continuing our work.~ Jamie Dodd

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Interested in healing the planet. There is so much work to do to bring it back into balance.

“It has made me focus on all the stuff within me that I have needed to heal. Each class brought clarity, affirmation to me. My spiritual growth has exploded since taking this course. I think I was ready for all the pieces to be put into place and this class was the breakthrough I needed to get the pieces to come together.

The homework was amazing too. Each task brought more clarity, understanding, and helped me label and make sense of my experiences. I loved the lesson on holding space for myself and others. It helped me to put in words my respect for myself and others. It helped me realize I needed to do that because I often neglect myself.

The rituals for self-love brought home just how much I neglected myself and helped me realize I had to balance and bring that into my life.

I love all that you do for us. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others grow.~ Denise Nesbitt


I joined the Healer’s Academy because I wanted to learn more about healing, rituals and the connection to source in general. And as I always had the feeling of being clairvoyant and my intuition is very strong I wanted to learn to embrace these gifts instead of pushing them away like a weird disease I don’t like.

“I have the feeling that my intuition really has improved and I’m more willing to embrace my woo woo gifts. That already was a huge step into a new direction. I really love the rituals and I have the feeling that I could make peace with some events of the past that still showed effect in the presence. I feel way more balanced and aligned than before starting the program.

The program offers tons of good advice and methods that really speak to me and that I also want to provide for my clients.

I discovered some major similarities between the ancestor class / healing the past and my integral-systemic coaching training where I work with constellation techniques. I’m really grateful for all the rituals, visualizations and questions that are provided in the program because I definitely can integrate a lot of them in my future offers.

I started doing new moon and full moon rituals. I started working with crystals. I use more sage and incense. I have the feeling that I take better care of myself. I listen more to my body than before. I also started a huge decluttering project where I want to create a new and cozy work space in my home office because I want to feel energized when I’m sitting in front of my computer.

Class 2 resonated very much because identifying strengths and talents is also a part of my Chinese Astrology offer. I’m really keen on all topics around finding one’s purpose and focusing on strengths in order to walk the path of least resistance. I also loved the self reflection part and reconnection to my intuition.” I liked especially the protection class, because I needed to find ways to protect my energy. ~ Alexandra

I joined because I met Jessica and had an immediate connection with her. I knew that I was ready to do something special with my life and I wanted to help the corporate world see the there is love and light in the world and not such stress and anger.

“It has helped me tremendously in learning to manifest what I want. I know all things that I manifest will come to light. I am not looking to go into a personal business but I am bringing love and light to my work.

I cannot believe how much Jessica has helped me in my personal life. I have so much belief in the Ascended Healers and Gods. I know that I can call upon them for whatever I need to either ask for help or to just be grateful for the life I have. I am so grateful for Jessica and this course as I am learning to live a life I want and need. This is why I signed up for her VIP – 1-1 Coaching in 2017 and 2018.

The materials that you provided were AMAZING and the fact that I can go back to them for life is priceless!

I love you Jessica and you are invaluable to me and Jacob. We look forward to working with you for a very long time!” ~ Cathy

I joined the academy to expand my knowledge on ascension & and gain more tools/techniques to further develop my intuition/clair’s and elevate my healing abilities so I could support my clients in a greater capacity.

Jessica delivered above and beyond with the support she provided and the amazing array of content in this course. The information was so indepth! The meditation journeys were beautiful. The questions lead you deep into your soul truths and purpose. We were provided with everything we would need to implement our own Ascended Healing Sessions; forms, processes, scripts, ect while taking our own healing to greater heights as we progressed through the course.

I have incorporated the ascension and new earth – embody your divinity guided meditation Into my regular spiritual practice. (Almost daily) I now always call in AA Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel to seal my space in the highest vibration of love and light. And set the intention that AA Michaels vortex be open and drawing up any lower energies that are present or being released, transmuting them into the highest vibration it Love and light in all time, space and dimension when doing any healing, or card reading. I Am noticing my clairvoyance is expanding; seeing more angel lights/energy swirling.

Jessica delivered above and beyond with the support she provided and the amazing array of content in this course. The information was so indepth! The meditation journeys were beautiful. The questions lead you deep into your soul truths and purpose. We were provided with everything we would need to implement our own Ascended Healing Sessions; forms, processes, scripts, ect while taking our own healing to greater heights as we progressed through the course. ~ Alli Nelson


I joined to become more heart-centered, and to strengthen my intuition.

“The Ascended Healer’s Academy has given me clarity on what I want to be doing with my life ad business. I feel I now have a model for some “structure” that my business and offerings lacked before. I have clarity for what works for me in my spiritual practice now.

I love the sacred contracts and learning how to hold space.” ~ Jessica Ireland (Teacher & Healer)

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I joined to explore my intuition and gifts in healing. I was searching for a teacher I trusted and am grateful to Jessica.

“This course is dreamy and inspiring. It’s obvious that time and love and expertise was poured into its creation. I believe it has given me a confidence in exploring knowledge of essences with Angels and Masters. I was limiting my offerings  and now confidently expanding to offer individual healings. I take my ability to heal more seriously now!” ~ Namibia Donadio Teacher & Healer

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I joined the Academy because I have been drawn to Jess’s work for a long time. I know her personally and absolutely love the magic that radiates from her heart and soul.

I was looking for a community to hold deep space for me to step even deeper into my path as a healer. I was also looking to expand my soul connection with the divine and deepen my intuition.

Going through all the stellar work and modules in the Academy really helped to solidify my confidence in my own healing abilities and capability to tap into and channel divine messages. It brought me closer to myself, my truth and my core strengths. It was a truly moving and up-leveling experience for me, surrounded by amazingly inspiring souls and Jess’s loving guidance. ~ Amber Rochelle, Intuitive Coach for Sensitive Women, Seattle, WA