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Sacred Relationships: Four Key Elements - Teaching at E Collective of Atlanta

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This is a donation based class, so there is no cost to attend.

Join Jessica Valor to connect explore the core elements and essences of a Sacred Relationship.

Every relationship has its own essence, dynamics and rhythm. Its own heartbeat.Relationships serve a Divine purpose in how you connect with yourself and navigate the world. They are all there to show us who we are being and who we want to become.

Sacred relationships can be with your partner, friends, family and business colleagues you are close with. Anyone who you are intimately engaging with is a sacred relationship and by intimate, I mean opening your heart. When you open your heart to another soul you create a sacred union. There are now two souls, bodies, mindsets, values and emotions. So, begins the dance. The dance to be free of your own judgments and to expand with unconditional love.

You have probably heard the phrase; love is not enough, and I believe that it is. Unconditional love includes all elements and is the only true way to love yourself and others.

This session invites you to open your Heart with Mother Mary’s loving and nurturing presence and explore the Sacred in your relationships. How can you be even more connected and present with those you love or want to call into your life?